Okay, this is the first post of frikkin` substance. ~_~; Here goes how my day has gone. Pardon me if I threaten to shoot b2 while I’m at it. xD~

For the better part of last night and this morning, I’ve been trying to set up a dedicated server for CounterStrike all because of my brother’s lil` whims. I went on mIRC and thank all the mighty gods … someone there helped me!! They happen to play on CS, too. Well, this person, named Glenn, helped me set up a more temporary solution of a listen server!~ LOL … I had so many questions and Glenn was so patient and like helpful! o_o;

Well, this morning, with a renewed vigor I tried to set up a dedicated server. I can say that I succeeded, but when it came to install the Admin Mod … I was clueless. >>; I tried reading forums and reading the manual. =_= It all made my head spin. Now, my brother wants me to keep try`n. *stabs*

Oh, and b2 was giving me problems so that whenever you commented, it’d take you to a 404 error. Then, all of a sudden after stressing, it works. :O! Everytime I commented I was more and more violent on b2, but er *hums* deleted most of the comments. LOL. Ah wells, right?

I need a breather. Joy .. my brother says it’s time to work on that dedi server again. Someone kill me?

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Okay, I’m completely done customizing everything! Although some thought I was already done and left errors *cough* Paula */cough* I wasn’t. If anyone finds any errors, please notify me right away! I’m of course, only an alien uh .. a human, so I leave mistakes behind. This layout gave me all hell not only because of the b2 customizations but becaue of the layout type — TABLES. Omigosh, Rio can testify that I was going to stab someone if it didn’t work out. xD~ Also, big tahnks to Kris for some helpful links and such.So many problems arose all over the place, but it’s now done. I can breathe again. Ick, but I hate the layout. >>;

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