DayAugust 10, 2004

Test Plug Hack

 Test Plug Hack

Oy … I woke up this morning and I got IMed from Milane to fix the Greymatter plug hak of someone I don’t know. LOL!~ Guess what I did? Of course, I fixed it. ._.;; I’m too nice, non? xD~ It was a productive morning where I guess I just felt like working because I also installed Dodo’s plug hack for b2. It’s really helpful! xD It’s so simple to set up, too. xDThen, I spent some time at vBB. I need that post count to go higher. That way, people will read my posts and recognize meeeh. I have about 60 posts in like a day and a half. Mwuahaha!~ Yes, I’m good, because I don’t spam either. ^_~ I just reply to like .. everything. :O! You won’t get me to shut up, no you won’t. Er .. I’ll probably go and post some now more before bedtime, non? ^_~ –> teh PERV wink. LOLOL

I DLed the the client for MobRO. xD The rates there like loooow, but I think that gives me more drive t actually level up and spend quality time playing. But I have, by no means given up on the lovely RiceRO. It’s still my #1 place to play RO. <3

Oh yeah .. I was part of one of the vBB chats today! It’s always hard to keep track of what’s going on. xD That’s mainly because I don’t know everyone’s name by memory. ^^;; That’s why I need to talk mooore on vBB and join in on more of the MSN chats.

Er yeah … I’m downloading all the eps of Lavender the Taiwanese drama that I saw two years ago and fell in love with. ^_^; I also have many eps of Full Moon wo Sagashite to wach, and Ragnarok Animation eps 1-5, oh and more eps of Live Action BSSM. -___-; I’ll be busy, eh?

Ja mata!!

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