Can’t recall when it was . . . maybe last night or the night before that, but I dreamt that I was at a new school (it was sort of like Audubon, but not), and Daniel was there. Gahhh!! Why did I dream of him? It’s been so long since I’ve even seen him! I can’t imagine why I’d still like the guy. But there he was and I was trying my bestest to get him to notice me but he didn’t even like me in my dream. What a terrible dream it was!! Even in my dreams, Daniel won’t like me. Haha . . . so sad. I do wonder why he described someone an awful lot like me when asked whom he liked. I can wonder forever and ever why things went so horribly wrong.

I called Ryan todayy; I called a few days ago, but he was too slow in answering the phone. I left a message and said I would call back. Er–well I wanted to wait until the weekend to call. He asked why it took me so long to call him back. Haha what a soft guy. c[; I swear his voice seemed so different. Then again it has been so long since I last spoke with him that I may have forgotten what his voice sounded like. Ehh . . . I’m such a sucker for guys’ voices; I love them. And on the phone you focus on listening to their voice; I instantly melt. [;

I’m going to the circus tomorrow with my uncle George and his son, Georgito. © I don’t recall ever going to a circus . . .

Layout Info

I love the simplicity of this layout! I still am not happy with the arrangement of the layout, but what to do, eh? [: I took this picture myself while on a tour of Catalina Island. After so obviously flipping the picture, I added a few touches here and there and now you have the layout before you! It is version thirty two . . . wow; so many layouts. Layout production was slower back in my early blogging days, but I make sure to continually update them. [: At least the next two layouts will also be of pictures that I have taken and edited slightly. Ooh is this a trend to watch out for? Hehe. Anyway, continuing, the original image was nothing extraordinary at all; I really spiffy-ed it up. ;] lol. And, like I said, I don’t think this arrangement does it much justice. I considered putting clouds at the bottom of the table. ya know, the clouds usually being here at the top, but then I realized that not many people would scroll all the way to the bottom anyway. -sigh- I added borders and the gradient bg for some added style but something is miiiissing. hahah.

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