Sunday Fun

I awoke bright and early in order to get ready to go to the circus. At 9.15am mom drove me to Uncle George’s house (well, my house). Got there at about 10am. From there, we drove to Joel’s house and helped him move some furniture. Haha, I take too much credit; George helped Joel move the furniture while I sat with Georgito. After all that we walked across the street to Staple Center. The day prior, George had told me that we had pretty good seats, but I wasn’t really paying attention. To my surprise we sat on the first row. (: Our seats were the absolute best. I enjoyed it so much! The clowns, and the cute asian acrobats all came to shake our hands. -giggles- It was quite fun. The show began at 11.30 and ended at near 2.00pm. George, Georgito, and I went back to Joel’s place and thanked him for the tickets. Joel had purchased three tickets and gave them to George. Fun~ My brother did not want to go so too bad for him.

Laura and her husband drove from Utah for the weekend to come visit us. So they finally arrived in town and we went out to lunch with them.

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