Fun fun with a side of depression!

Ackk… my uncle doesn’t arrive soon enough. As soon as he arrives my mom, my brother, my cousin, Georgito, he, and I are gonna do some stuffs. 😀 Yey!! I can’t wait. Ooh! the doorbell just rang. Erm, I guess, to wrap things up, sadness keep creeping up on me. I’m officially a teenager. Oh em gee!! c[: ANYway, I have serious issues in letting goooo. I mean, if I still miss Mr. Perfect then you know something is wrong with me. It’s been a year since I’ve even seen Mr. Perfect and I still think about him. -smacks myself hard- There we go. (: Buh-bye thooooughts.

short and sweet. that’s me.

Edit We rented movies; we got The Notebook (which I had not seen!!), Racing Stripes, and The Aviator (which I saw at the movies but my mom hadn’t seen it). Racing Stripes was soooo funny. I recognized almost every single voice. I’m gooood (or just a movie geek). ;D Lols. I loved The Aviator all over again. My mom thought it was like a longer version of A Beautiful Mind. My aunts that saw the movie got bored. My mom just saw their P.O.V. but she liked it! She realized that it was a more passive movie than we’re used to. There was no big explosion for an ending. xD

And er… I didn’t like The Notebook. Don’t kill me! I just find it hard to believe that they loved each other. Throughout the whole movie they were just kissing. Eww. The only thing that made me not hate it were when they were old; that seemed like love to me! © The only other scene that even came close to pulling my heartstrings was the part where they were outside the white house and arguing and Noah says that they argue – it’s what they do – and that it’ll be hard and they’ll have to work at it everyday. Aww that was so sweet because in real life people do argue. It isn’t going to be one passionate love affair for the rest of your life ya know? My auntie El answered that at the beginning they were so passionate because it was a summer love and they only had so much time, when I asked why all they did was kiss. I simply didn’t believe the actors when they told each other they loved each other.

As a matter of fact, I no longer believe in love. When someone that isn’t in your family says, “I love you,” I will no longer believe it. It’s too hard to believe. Instead of seeing the love that Noah and Allie had, all I saw was her betrayal to him when she almost married that other guy, and then her betrayal to the latter when she went back to Noah while engaged. That’s all I saw. When I watch romantic movies nowadays, all I see are the betrayals and the hurts. I picture myself being like the betrayed and it isn’t pretty. Sure they were trying to get back together, but Allie hurt too many people in the process. -shrugs-

So much for short entries.

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