I’m a teenager, right?

“Until I learned to love myself I was never loving anybody else. Happiness lies in your own hand. It took me much too long to understand…”

My life is so strange. My age says I’m a teenager but I feel like I don’t play the part – at least not well. I don’t even look like a teenager; I look 12 and I’m shooort; I feel as though I stopped growing at age 12. l don’t act like a mature young adult (all the time); with my family, I act waaaay cutesy and hyper and not at all like a 16 1/2-year old. Around those my age, or rather in public I act waaay mature and older than I really am. Ooh yeah, I am so bi-polar. I like both ends of the spectrum and none of the the middle. I don’t experience any of the ‘normal’ teenager experiences. I hardly go out with my friends. And I never call anyone; when I’m the phone it’s only because someone has called me and when I call someone it’s usually my family. ^-^;

Okay, and here is where I get to my main point! Oh em gee. I don’t have the normal high-school experiences… I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life and had it not been for my first kiss being stolen, I’d have never been kissed either. -dies- But then two weeks ago a 23-year old guy asked me out over the phone. -gags- That was the first time a guy asked me out and it had to be so ewww, and his mind was totally off. Theeeen three weeks ago I finally spoke to my goooood friend Jon online since the summer began. We were talking about a girl that liked him and how they were probably going to get together.

Jon: she told me that she likes me
Me: so you took that as initiative [to flirt] ne?
Jon: I didn’t like her that much at first but she’s grown on me
– a lil` later –
Jon: what’s the farthest you’ve gone with a guy?
Me: er…
– a lil` later (after some persuasion on the question) –
Me: er… a kiss?
Jon: that’s it?
Me: yahh. o_O;; just one, too. hahaha
Me: never had a BF in my life LOL
Jon: your missin out
– after I say I’m ugly and him saying I’m not –
Jon: to tell you the truth I had a crush on you
Jon: little bit
Me: hahaha you’re funny
Jon: seriously not lying. that’s why I was mean to you most of the time but then it just became fun
Me: lol oh em gee! xD
Me: Hahah yahh we’re good friends (:
Jon: little crush
Jon: yeah
Me: aww you’re sweet. haha.
Jon: but I am over it…..I like nikki
Jon: lol I will still be mean to you and knock over your water next year too
Jon: don’t worry
Me: hahaha alright!! And I’ll kick your ass everytime.
– later –
Jon: mrs. 4.0
Jon: wait
Jon: miss 4.0
Jon: sry
Me: lol!! (: nahh. I’mma be marriend to mr. 4.0 one day hahaha
Jon: lol I’m Mr. 3.50
Me: =o! hahaha that’s good enough
Jon: are you trying to tell me something?
Me: huh? lol
Me: oh heyy i’mma go to sleep. really exhausted. (: ttyl~ maybe tw if you get online!!

Yes yes, that was a long, but hopefully interesting read. The only confusing part was the “trying to tell me something” bit. Was HE trying to tell ME something? Hahah it’s funny because for a while I thought I liked Jon, too. But I don’t like anyone and no one likes me (unless you count 23-year olds hahahahah). So there ya have it. That’s as far as my life goes. TEENAGER-Y ain’t it? -rolls eyes- Lol. But it’s okay that I’m like not social in that way, right? Nod your head with me.

No doubt.

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