“She’s figured out all her doubts are someone else’s point of view.”

“Every time I get some ground I gotta turn myself around again.”

“I struggle with forward motion.”

“Every step you take, is a step away from where you used to be.”

“My dreams become nightmares.”

“Heavy thoughts sift through dust.”

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: I never wanted my online &* real life to intermix. Never.

Oh em gee! Blindside’s newest CD, The Great Depression came out on Tuesday. Thanks mucho to Jackiie for “introducing” me to Blindside. -cough- Haha she likes to take credit for me liking them. Nahh, she told me she liked them and then a loooong time after that I looking for some new bands to obsess over and stumbled upon them. After listening to Pitiful (which coincidentally was the first song that Jackiie heard by them, too), I fell in love with them. However, their new CD is more screaming and less singing. Why?! :[ I like their two other CD’s better. But it’s still great!

I sincerely miss a lot of my friends. The ones that actually came to mind are Justine, Jackiie, Joyce (woah what is it with the J’s?), Paula, and Kristen.

Then I started thinking about Heng! o_o; How strange… I was only remembering how that one time when my play-mommy, Valerie, was uber worried about me and then she and Heng stayed after-school to wait for me and even waited until my aunt got there. It’s beyond me why he stayed behind to wait for me and then waited with me. I was more worried about him getting in trouble for staying after-school than anything else. And also, a different time during my 10th grade school year I went to visit Lily and Jessika at the school. But what surprised me is that Heng stayed and waited for me with Paula and Ysabel. Oh right, and the guy that loooved calling me Rikku was there: Oscar. gahh. LOL. Anyway, I could’ve sworn I had heard Oscar say to Heng, “Tell her.” Tell me whaaat? Ooh but it gets more confusing. Okay, so I thought maybe he liked me, but then he calls Chelsey, whom I so rarely speak to now, for me to speak with her. Chelsey’s my friend and his ex-girlfriend. Totally threw my theory out of the water, didn’t it? (: This was pointless but I like to remember things. O_o; Haha yahh…

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