MonthDecember 2005

Last Days of Vacation

I finally updated my MP3 Rotation site after an eighteen month hiatus!!! Please go take a look. (: I would also like to advertise my two fanlistings:
1. Blindside’s Pitiful
2. Sum 41’s Still Waiting

The MP3 Rotation has the song Pitiful for download. SO, if you like the song, join the fanlisting. ;] How neat, ne? I’ll be slowly updating all of my sites these last few days before I go to school on the 4th of January, hopefully, including the main domain.


Before Shopping!
Before shopping!!

After shopping!! And yes, I am wearing my Abercrombie hoodie. (Note the webcam takes pics backwards because I like it that way better. c[:)

I didn’t have too much luck at A&F because it was so crowded. I decided to wait until the whole holiday spirit goes away and they restock.

However, I did go to Borders! I’m getting closer and closer to accomplishing one of my life goals: I want to have a huge room full of books kind of like the one in The Beauty and the Beast. I bought:

  1. Edgar Allen Poe’s Major Tales and Poems
  2. Voltaire’s Candide and The Maid of Orleans
  3. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  4. Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera
  5. Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy
  6. Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Works of

I also went to Bestbuy and bought:

  1. Case for my 30GIG iPod
  2. Relient K: Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right … but Three Do
    (Thanks for introducing me to them, Linds! Slowly building up my collection!)
  3. Rise Against: Siren Song of the Counter Culture
    (Thanks Mike!)
  4. Bayside: Bayside
    (THANK YOU SO MUCH Mike! I looove your music! Now I have both their CDs)

My Gifts~!

These are the gifts that I received for Christmas. (: Zomg. This holiday rocks.

  • [Mom] Digi-cam
  • [Mom] $100
  • [Uncle George &* Alba] Chinese stress balls that chime (in a basket of gifts)
  • [“] Candle
  • [“] $40 Borders Gift Card
  • [“] See’s Candies
  • [Lourdes] Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum (lol, perfume) <3
  • [Meme] New ceramic straightener
  • [“] Nightlight to read books in bed!! <3
  • [“] 2 Blouses and a light lil’ jacket
  • [Auntie Maggie &* Uncle Brian] The Sims 2: University Exp. Pack
  • [Lil’ Cousin Georgito] $20 BestBuy Gift Card
  • [Lisa &* Alex] $25 Barnes &* Noble Gift Card
  • [Best Friend Justine] The Illiad and The Odyssey [reallyyyyy pretty blue and gold cover] (i asked her for this~! <3)
  • [“] Tinkerbell Desk Notepad
  • [Lil’ Brother] World’s Largest Hershey’s [no joke]
  • [Auntie Elle] Abercrombie Jacket <3 <3 <3
  • [“] $100 Abercrombie Gift Card
  • [“] $200

A few gifts excluded [like clothes and that huge Hershey’s] because it didn’t fit in the pic. [:

Other note-worthy details:
– I got my 30GB iPod (w/ video) on Friday!~
– I spent time with my best friend Justine on Friday, too.
– My Uncle George got a PSP. We’ll see how often I get to use it. ;]
– I’m going either to Downtown Disney or shopping tomorrow. Disneyland another day.
– I was feeling a liiil’ bit EM0 this year, but that passed.
Serious talks with my Uncle Brian rock! Even though I get teary-eyed. It’s all good.

Dakishime[NET] Revamp!

Dakishime.Net has not been very active for about a year (possibly more) so I have decided to move the blog here! This of course means that the content will be less, but will be updated a whole lot more. I was working on importing all of my older entries to the main domain, but because WordPress created a version 2.0 some of the tables (sql-talk) are incompatible. I think I can do without. New year is approaching . . . fresh new start. Also, new layout is coming soon, I promise! Merry Christmas!