My Gifts~!

These are the gifts that I received for Christmas. (: Zomg. This holiday rocks.

  • [Mom] Digi-cam
  • [Mom] $100
  • [Uncle George &* Alba] Chinese stress balls that chime (in a basket of gifts)
  • [“] Candle
  • [“] $40 Borders Gift Card
  • [“] See’s Candies
  • [Lourdes] Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum (lol, perfume) <3
  • [Meme] New ceramic straightener
  • [“] Nightlight to read books in bed!! <3
  • [“] 2 Blouses and a light lil’ jacket
  • [Auntie Maggie &* Uncle Brian] The Sims 2: University Exp. Pack
  • [Lil’ Cousin Georgito] $20 BestBuy Gift Card
  • [Lisa &* Alex] $25 Barnes &* Noble Gift Card
  • [Best Friend Justine] The Illiad and The Odyssey [reallyyyyy pretty blue and gold cover] (i asked her for this~! <3)
  • [“] Tinkerbell Desk Notepad
  • [Lil’ Brother] World’s Largest Hershey’s [no joke]
  • [Auntie Elle] Abercrombie Jacket <3 <3 <3
  • [“] $100 Abercrombie Gift Card
  • [“] $200

A few gifts excluded [like clothes and that huge Hershey’s] because it didn’t fit in the pic. [:

Other note-worthy details:
– I got my 30GB iPod (w/ video) on Friday!~
– I spent time with my best friend Justine on Friday, too.
– My Uncle George got a PSP. We’ll see how often I get to use it. ;]
– I’m going either to Downtown Disney or shopping tomorrow. Disneyland another day.
– I was feeling a liiil’ bit EM0 this year, but that passed.
Serious talks with my Uncle Brian rock! Even though I get teary-eyed. It’s all good.

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