Hello New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! (: Can you believe it’s 2006 already?! I guess I’ll start off in the traditional manner with a set of resolutions that I will most likely not keep:

  1. I want to start going back to Nishi Hongwanji – Japanese Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple
    (aka be more religious)
  2. This year, I want to focus on my studies and learn greater time management. Only 5 hours of sleep a day is not sufficient.
  3. This year I WILL lose weight. I’m size 4/5 and I was size 1 before.
    (I would like to start swimming, running [long distance], and playing tennis)
  4. For some odd reason I want to improve my webdesigning. I want to be a part of the whole online scene again. Oy.

If I can find them, I will post Predictions for 2006 made by Sylvia Brown on the Montel Williams show. [: They’re quite interesting. The few that I remember are:
– A cure for lung, colon, and another type of cancer will be found
– A hormone to keep off weight will also be made
– There will be very bad weather in both New York and Los Angeles
– ANDDD Aliens in 2010

I’ve been shopping a lot lately. Like a lot. I’ve been buying clothes from A&F, AE, and HollisterCo. – and all it means is that I did not keep my one resolution from last year: start dressing more Japanese-y. Haha, and I went for the American look. Go me? Psh.

Went shopping on Wednesday night. My Auntie Meme bought a Master Replica lightsaber for my cousin, Georgito because it was his birthday. $109. Woah. Now my lil’ brother and my lil’ cousin have one. They can play together. Note that my brother had 3 lightsabers already. But of course with his Christmas money he just had to buy a MASTER REPLICA. Oooh. Actually, to be fair, it does look pretty damn good. (:

On Friday, my Uncle George came home with a huge piece of felt, markers, stencils, and a long ruler. He also bought a biiiig case of chips (the money kind). He bought a roulette table but the board was too small for his liking. So in three hours we made a roulette table. Then that night I learned how to play. And so my addiction began.

Went shopping on Saturday afternoon. Got home at 6:30pm to get ready for the New Year’s party. I wore the cutest boots evAr. I looked and felt tall. A family friend, Rony met at my house to go, too. The limousine arrived at 8pm . . . my Auntie Meme and I were just barely done getting ready at that time. I hate rushing! But it was cool. (: Then the limo went to pick up Auntie Maggie and Uncle Brian.

Rony, Me, Meme, Chris // Alba &* George

Okay, so we arrived at my Auntie Elle’s condo. Then we all found out that this guy lives at the self-same condo building: Tom “Tiny” Lister, Jr. He’s starred in Friday, Next Friday, The Fifth Element, etc. Cool, ne? [: Too bad we didn’t take a picture of him. We figured that was too “Chunti-status” lmao, if you know what that means.

Mkies, so the party started like at 9pm, ‘cus that’s when we arrived. (: lol. We started munching on the delicious appetizers, but then quickly got to business. Everyone at the party got “$100” to gamble on the roulette table. We played for hours! Needless to say, I had only learned to play the day prior. I came out with a very bad $76. However, Rony had $190, and Lisa had $150 — or something like that. Auntie Maggie was cooking tempura shrimp (that were delicious, btw) and she only placed one bet. She put her whole hundred on red, I believe. As luck would have it, the number was black. She lost it all on one bet. xD;

Then we had a “raffle”
1st place: Rony; he won a slim PS2 (but he already has one – so we’ll get back to him later)
2nd place: Lisa; she won an under-cabinet CD Clock Radio. (pics here)
3rd place: Mom; she won a $75 gift card to Olive Garden
4th place: Arcy; she won Sony headphones
Raffle for people who didn’t win at roulette:
1. Rony decided to raffle the PS2 ‘cus he didn’t need it. He pulled out a ticket and Alba won!! (: YEY.
2. MY TURN: The people that didn’t win top prizes got to choose their gifts. The options Elle gave me were:
– something on her body
– something in an envelope
I chose: something on her body. And out of her bra she pulled out $50. [: Lol. I admit I was kiiiiinda hoping for the ring on her finger [more on this later]
3. Mary; $20 Starbucks (chose envelope)
4. Brian; $20 Starbucks (chose envelope)
5. Alex; $20 Starbucks (chose envelope)
6. Meme; ZOMG. She also chose body and she got the diamond ring! ACK. And it matches the ring I already have but mine is a combination of diamonds and my birthstone. Luckiie Meme. ♥

Most people won something. lols. At midnight, it was SUPER foggy and we couldn’t even see the fireworks from the Queen Mary. After midnight, we all played roulette with real money! Haha Alba gave me $2, Elle gave me $4, and Rony gave me $20. My Mom gave Brian $20 to gamble for her and he lost it all! Zomg. lols. In the end I came out even – $26. I really came up, though, ‘cus none of it was my money and they let me keep it. xD;

Limousine came at 2am to pick us up. Got home at 2:30am. I sent my best friend Justine a text message. [: Then Quan called me (yes, at 2:30 . . . what was the boy thinking? lmao, jk!) I had lots o’ fun. Slept until 10:30am — Brian and I missed church (was at 10am). -sighhh-

Drove back to Elle’s condo and ate food. lol. Played games until 5pm. xD; We were all in our PJs the whole day. hahaha. Came back home and my uncle had cooked Caldo de res. yum~ We watched movies until 11pm.

Now, today — after I finish posting this, begins my LOCK-IN. I’m going to do homework!!! LIEK ZOMG. Happy New Year!!

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