DayJanuary 9, 2006

Good week, I’d say.

< — Click. Too bad USC lost. T_T;

I went back to school on Wednesday! Urgh . . . homework really isn’t all that fun, but it sure does pay off. On Thursday night I was superrr exhausted because of the drastic change in schedule, but I had a test for APUSH on Friday so I pushed myself to just keep reading and studying! On Friday I went to school and took the test — and I got an A-! Liek zomg. There were only three As, and I know my friend Eleni got one of them.

In the afternoon my Auntie Maggie picked me up afterschool with my Uncle Brian. We went to the market and then drove to Long Beach to my Auntie Elle’s condo. Since it was the 6th of January we did that whole bread thing … with the baby dolls inside. -ahem- Yahhh… I don’t know the name. Auntie Meme came when she got out of work and we had a mini-party. [: Afterwards we drove all the way to Alhambra and Meme and I slept over at Maggie+Brian’s.

I awoke at 6am to shower and get ready for a day o’ fun! Maggie drove all of us Paramount to go pick up my lil’ brother and then we were on our way to the happiest place on Earth (in case you didn’t know — that’s Disneyland). lols. The last time I went to Disneyland was probably a year or so ago. I used to go to all of the theme parks every summer, but the last two summers have been a bit busy [moving and whatnot]. Pictures can better explain my day than I can. (:

FOB Pose, anyone? Brian, Chris, Meme, Me

Awww… Mickey and friends!!

Pretty lil’ decoration on a lamp. (:

Brian on a car ride. [:

Uh-oh, is Mickey suicidal? lol.

Buzz Lightyear thinks he’s so cool.

“Back to work!” These performers rocked!!

Brian, Me, Maggie, Chris

Maggie, Brian, Meme, Chris. LOL.

Brian, Meme, Chris (aww), Me

Brian is superrr scared!

Maggie told me that the picture flash comes as a surprise. I saw her raise her hands and was about to . . . but I was a tad late. Can you tell? LOL!

I think we look like aliens… I took the pic but we were too close… -cough-

Indiana Jones. [: Scaryyy.

Chris, Maggie, Brian.

Me & Meme

Aurora & Philip!!! ♥

Mosaic!! ♥

“Queen of Narnia” ZOMG. She never smiled and she was FOR REAL SCARY. o_o;

She was mean to the lil’ kiddies too!!

The ride Astro Blasters let’s you email the pics!! [:

Yepps! We all had looots o’ fun. [: On Sunday I was supposed to go to dinner to Castaway, but I didn’t go. ^_^; I got mad and stayed home. lools. oooh wells. Back to school again today.