I want to be athletic. I want to start swimming ‘cus I’ve hated it for too long. I want to join water polo, and swim team next year. WOAH. And if I knew how to play tennis, I’d do that, too. But I don’t know how. Hm, thinking time. Revision time. Big changes time?

4 thoughts on “athletics!

  1. Swimming is hardcore. Some study I read said that female swimmers are among the most sexually needy/active people out there. Water polo would kick ass though. I vote for tennis. 🙂

  2. Swimming? Get ready for those manly legs to pop out! lol

    Hey Dell.. how have you been? When was the last time I saw your face? I don’t really remember, so oh well… I’m here at school right now, doing nothing. 🙁 Next period: Economics. Yay! =) Just wanted to say that I’m still alive.. and I still see that you are. =) So take care and get your butt toned up! lol Laters.

  3. Ganbate!! Swimming is really difficult.. using flippers will get you to swim faster and better. Tennis is really fun except when you get hit on the head or a part of your body. Overall, it’s etertaining as well if you play with good friends.

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