January 14, 2006

Goodbye Party #3 for Marleny at my house. (Maggie, Meme, Marleny)

January 15, 2006

At Elizabeth’s House (Jean, Elizabeth, Me)
We went to eat at some Korean place. It was YUM! The service — not as good. lol. Jean had to translate everything for us ‘cus the people only spoke Korean. x_x;

January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Parade near my house. No school. I went to Downey for my ortho appointment. No pics, thankfully. xD;

January 17-20, 2006


January 20, 2006

I actually did some of my homework when I got home. Then at 6pm we went to Ruth’s house for a candle party. I saw Claudia, Jennifer, and … a pregnant Vanessa!! These three girls were my childhood friends. And Vanessa is my godsister. Went home at 9:30-ish and for the first time, my Auntie Meme cooked fettucini alfredo with chicken. Haha a 10pm dinner. Good, ne? ^_^; Anyway, because Ruth’s party was outside, I got sick.

January 21, 2006

Shila invited us to her house for dinner.
(Lisa, Alex, Estuardo, Shila, George, Alba, Alba’s daughter)

Auntie Meme with Lisa & Alex’s baby, Lil’ Alex

MY TURN with the baby!

Estuardo, George, and Alex … all three with a beer in hand – KARAOKE TIME! lolol.

January 22, 2006

Grand Lux Cafe at the Beverly Center

Marleny Goodbye Party #4? (Tatiana & Sister)

Marleny & Sandra

Meme & I

Maggie & some other HS friend … why did she bring her kids?! ugh.

After we said our goodbye’s in the parking lot, a nosy lady listening to our conversation crashed her car as she was pulling out. Too much excitement. lol.

We picked up Brian and then Meme, Maggie, Brian, and I went to the movies in Pasadena and watched Brokeback Mountain. Watching near porn with your family? AWKWARD. I think the movie was rather slow and the ending sucked beyond belief.

January 23, 2006

Back to school and my sickness got worse. Every morning since Saturday morning I was coughing up blood … lots of it. But, I had told Jackie that I was going to go to the mall with her and since we had early release I managed to survive school.

Me, Jackie, Jackie’s Friend. [Hm… I look different on school days. LOL.]

They tried on pretty dresses. I was too ill to do so.

Needless to say, I bought a three row studded belt from Hot Topic. So unlike me. I love wearing things people wouldn’t expect me to. [: I also went into Borders and bought 1984 (Elizabeth has been wanting me to read this for so long!), A Tale of Two Cities, and The Great Gatsby. There are so many classic novels out there!! I want a library like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Hehe.

That night, my Auntie Meme told me that I have to go back to my Mom’s. I cried for two hours in the car. Emotions are for the weak. Nothing would console me, but I eventually got hungry. I wanted a pretzel so we went to The Grove. Since we were there Meme & I watched Munich. It was superrr long! But I liked it. I got home and Victoria had fallen asleep studying for trig so I wrote the Found Poem that was due the next day.

January 24-26, 2006

No school for me. I went to the ER yesterday, though ‘cus I was still coughing up blood. The Dr. said I should stay home today, too. But I gots to go back tomorrow because I have a math test and an APUSH test. ouch. I also missed a test in English. -_-; On Saturday I have the SAT. And next week is finals week. BAD TIME TO GET SICK. GO me!

On Monday, my mother is coming to pick me up. I want to stay at school and just not come home. I don’t want to go. :'[


One thought on “LOOONG.

  1. ^_______^ very nice pictures and a very very nice layout!~ Glad that you are back! I’m sorry that you are sick. Finals + Getting sick does not go together very well~ ;____;

    I hope you are getting better Brigitte!!

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