DayJanuary 30, 2006


it has been a bad sort of a week. i feel depressed.

yannoe what’s strange about me? i get disappointed when endings aren’t tragic.
as an example: in the movie last holiday, when i found out that the main character was not going to die, i was terribly disappointed and found the movie to be a waste of my ever-so-precious time. then the movie the skeleton key, when the girl’s soul/body/whatever got stolen i liked it! i think, deep inside i’m actually evil.

i didn’t want to go, so i refused. i’m not going back. and that’s final. but i’m disappointed because my ending isn’t tragic . . . i’m gonna stay happy. double-u tee eff ? ? ? i think i need some kinda shrink to study my head ‘cus it’s a little weird. i think that when i’m all alone and my mind starts wandering, i start getting ohh i dunno – a bit suicidal.

my life is good some days to a certain degree. my life sucks otherwise. i’m a hopeless overachiever that fails every single time.

and no, i do not want attention. i’m not one of those trendy emo kids. i’m seriously having life issues. arghh. i want to drop out of high-school and sink to my demise. but, i’d never do that. i’m so over-dramatic. blah blah blah shabam!! i’m bored. and i need to study. pshh… stupid finals.