I laugh.

Article. I don’t know which is worse: the fact that I read the entire article or the article itself. When I finished reading it, the first thought that came to mind was ‘And this lasted seven pages, why?!‘ The teenagers at that high-school are getting fed hormones, I swear. Some people just take it too far. I’m not against their idea of bi-queer, pansexual, or “just sexual” as one of the high-schoolers said. I really have nothing against any sexual orientation, but these kids have nothing better to do than be attracted to each other and make out. Oh, yeah – and they need to get a life.

German final went well. I think I got a B on my A.P. US History final. YEY. [: The Jungle test was slightly more difficult because I failed to memorize the names of all the Socialist party members. Really long foreign names are no fun … on tests, anyway. I got a C+ on my author study. Two points away from a B-. I wasn’t surprised. If anyone catches me reading William Faulkner, you have the right to smack me upside the head on sight. Thankyouplease’kay.

Math final and a The Gilded Age Test. Ich soll gehen. I’m getting side-tracked from my much-needed study time.

I’m making a personal site. -snickers- You know you’re gonna love it. I feel vain. I like it. Mwuahahaha …. coughs. ;]

5 thoughts on “I laugh.

  1. Go read Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger. In a way you do seem like Marisol. (I can’t be sure if you’re lesbian or not.) But go read it. Not a bad book. Covers some stuff with your own style of psychological thinking. Go deal with it. 🙂

    Protectionism sucks. Maybe someday you’ll let it all drop. I dropped all of mine today on a I’ll-say-I’ll-do-this-and-I’ll-really-do-it basis (and if you REALLY wanted to know why I decided to risk my life in the marines, the reason is right in front of you. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more under it). Maybe someday we’ll end up talking again… Then again, I’m not exactly looking forward to communicating with someone who thinks I’m just another one of their problems to deal with. This is just one more of my tributes to your list of problems (Maybe someday I’ll be Bree’s public enemy #1.)

    Hopefully you’re not taking too much of a hit living with your mom. I have no idea why you have such a horrible opinion of her, nor do I know anything about your background (you protected yourself against emotion, put yourself behind a barrier, and refused to reveal anything at all) but all I can say is that I hope you’re doing okay and you’re not going to do anything stupid yet (suicide not included, some people find it a permanent solution to their temporary problems. And we all know it works.) I don’t see what a family member can do that will make you dislike (maybe hate?) them so much that you refuse to mention anything about them, then again I might just be inexperienced and I don’t see too deeply into things… Anyhows, I hope you’re doing okay and though our relationship is pretty much on it’s last strand of viability, it’s still there.

    I’ve unblocked you already, so you know where to find me if you’re willing to put up with my shit (How come everyone says it’s shit? One of these days it’ll become a FLAMING BAG OF SHIT!) Peace.

  2. aiyaaa @_@ i stopped at the 3rd paragraph. but the kids probably get really really bad grades >__>;; and they probably don’t care -_-

    yay. looking forward to your site =D

  3. yeah…it’s been a while since i’ve come arround…in this journal thingy…
    gosh your turning so emo latly
    we need to go out and get some ice cream to cool you off

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