Regrets and wants.

I totally regret deleting my old entries from my old log. It took me a few hours of different Google combinations to find an old entry. And finally the simplest combination ever found it: “surrealistic adela daniel.” The entry is the one from Sept. 28, 2004, and I’m referring to the very last paragraph of it.

I. must. find. the. name. of. that. model. FOR MY VERY OWN SANITY.

Annnyyyway, I’ll make a list:

  1. Friday: California Adventure for half the day just for fun.
  2. Friday: Went out to eat and then watched Syriana (not exactly boring, but I felt the plots never converged)
  3. Saturday: Played tennis with Mary, Brian, & Meme. Then jogged. Then walked to Subway. Then went home. Then back to Mary’s. Then Soupplantation. Then mall. Then watched Underworld: Evolution.
  4. Sunday: Went to Elle’s condo. She’s selling it. :'[ I say she should sell her condo for a million dollars, but she wants to sell it faster, so she’s selling it for $825,000. Psh. The other condos that are for sale range from $899,000 to 1.2 million, but yeahhh she wants to sell it faster. Her condo is on the front page of some magazine but i don’t know which one.  -shrugs-
  5. Sunday: walked with Elle’s puppy on 2nd street and got stopped countless time ‘cus she’s soooo cute. [: Then SuperBowl!!~

3 thoughts on “Regrets and wants.

  1. boo.
    i’m back!! l/e? =P
    talk about deleting entries. i never kept mine. i really regret it. real bad. =\ i sounded like a little kid back then. well, maybe i was.

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