I haven’t been online all week. It feels strange not to be online. But not really. Only one thing was on my mind while not being online. So I checked today and NADA. So I didn’t even have to worry. I’m simply disappointed.

I’ll be online soon. For some reason I want to “quit” AIM. I never really talk to anyone anyway… only randomly. -shrugs-

This week HAS TO BE better than last. Talk about BAD LUCK, and I don’t even believe in luck. grr. I like my Ballet class but the teacher is weird. I’ll be seeing Justine every Saturday now! yeyey!

3 thoughts on “AIM-ness

  1. The internet is vastly overrated. If it weren’t required for so many school assignments I’d probably forget it altogether. Whatever happened to talking to each other through… speech?

  2. I finished reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in English class over a month ago.

    I’ve been online, but not much on my dailies. Some days I choose not to go online being focused on something else. I never used AIM. On MSN not too many people talk to me either coz I’m always busy. xDD!! =] Make everyday better for yourself. Take care.

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