DayMarch 6, 2006

here’s a little confessional

Oh wow. It feels like so many things have happened all at once. It’s a mass confusion and I can’t sort out dates. In these cases lists work very well for me.

  • Family gathering at my house for my birthday.
  • Gifts included: tickets to Swan Lake (orchestra section, row b!!) and dinner to Yamashiro (you must look at this virtual tour!), clothes, money, and a photo frame with old pics of myself && best friend. ;D
  • Eleni && I worked on a project together. Rough experience ‘cus she seems to be omniscient and I felt like lower than the common dumb WOman.
  • People have shared private little confessionals with me recently. Good, bad? — I’m so bi-polar.
  • I slept over with my mom from Thurday night to Sunday.
  • Mom && I went on a shopping spree. Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle; joys of life. ♥
  • Today was a good hair day.
  • Causing drama is mentally exhausting – it makes me feel emo. 🙁

E.H. && I have been talking on the phone every once in a while now. We talk about La Sarah too much for comfort. Mayhaps I should isolate myself. Yes, indeeeeeed.

I have so many assignments to do. I’m procrastinating just sitting here not doing any of it. I’m off.