here’s a little confessional

Oh wow. It feels like so many things have happened all at once. It’s a mass confusion and I can’t sort out dates. In these cases lists work very well for me.

  • Family gathering at my house for my birthday.
  • Gifts included: tickets to Swan Lake (orchestra section, row b!!) and dinner to Yamashiro (you must look at this virtual tour!), clothes, money, and a photo frame with old pics of myself && best friend. ;D
  • Eleni && I worked on a project together. Rough experience ‘cus she seems to be omniscient and I felt like lower than the common dumb WOman.
  • People have shared private little confessionals with me recently. Good, bad? — I’m so bi-polar.
  • I slept over with my mom from Thurday night to Sunday.
  • Mom && I went on a shopping spree. Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle; joys of life. ♥
  • Today was a good hair day.
  • Causing drama is mentally exhausting – it makes me feel emo. 🙁

E.H. && I have been talking on the phone every once in a while now. We talk about La Sarah too much for comfort. Mayhaps I should isolate myself. Yes, indeeeeeed.

I have so many assignments to do. I’m procrastinating just sitting here not doing any of it. I’m off.

4 thoughts on “here’s a little confessional

  1. omg Swan Lake!!!~ I saw swan lake in russia…a many years ago…so beautiful!!~ Have fun!!!
    it was raining today…i had a BAD hair day.

  2. BRIGITTEEEE! My domain expires in about two weeks, no more bloggy for meeee. I’ll probably start updating my LJ once my domain is gone, so that means you and I won’t be linking each other anymore. 🙁

    Don’t lose touch with meeee! I still have you on my MSN, wtf why don’t we ever talk. We’re such shy losers if that’s the case. 😡 Anyhow, just decided to leave you a comment etc etc and hope to talk to you soonnnn.

    Much love to the very awesome Briiness

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