what do you do when no one’s home? crying, crying, crying.

Wow!! It was such a laid back week last week except for the DBQ that was due on Friday. But I actually enjoyed writing it this time around – it was about the Jazz Age and we had to cite not only the documents, but also The Great Gatsby. Watch me score low just because I think I did well.

On Friday night, I was THIS close to watching Ultraviolet with EH. But then like… my aunt got home 5 mins after he left. :'[ I really realllllly want to see that movie. Another oh well to add to my collection.

Saturday I went to the gym at 7 even though I usually go at 6:30.. but my Aunt slept in too late. lmao. It was fun, though. I looove exercising. Gimme endorphins. (: Then as my Aunt had a candle party I napped. A 5-hour “nap” … yeah, I know. Oh wells. I woke up and then watched The First Wives’ Club! I looove this movie. I enjoy it every single time I watch it; it never ceases to be funny. At 9pm, my Uncle George came over with his girlfriend, Alba. Some time around 10pm we decided to go to this Guatemalan cafe called, “Antigua.” I got an Ice Blended Banana strawberry drink and a slice of chocolate cake. OH, yumm!! Some writer guy was there reading his short stories aloud. I really enjoyed listening to him. Got back home like at 11.

Sunday – I went to Morita Michiko-san’s house to interview her, but I ended up interviewing her husband, Morita Testuhiro-san! She ran away from me and hid. Lol, cute! The interview went very well, too. Then we talked a bit. When my Aunts, Meme & Maggie came to pick me up Mrs. Morita started to make udon. Mmmm, it was delicious!! Got home at 1 then started getting ready for the night.

Auntie Elle, Meme, Mary, and I went to dinner at Yamashiro (means Mountain Palace). It was beautiful!! Loved it. Hehe. By 7 we began driving to the theater and we watched Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake.” I liked it; it received a standing ovation. 😀 yey!

I was sick today (probably from all the late-night outings in the cold!) so I stayed home. I finished typing my transcript and yeah. (: Nice && slow day.

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