& the quarter ends

I have a 4.0 GPA for the quarter. I`m just slightly upset. I hate my grades. I feel like a failure.

  1. Honors Algebra 2: B+ (my favoritest class… I’ve aced every test, but did poorly on ONE test and my grade went from an A+ to a 90%, which to my teacher is a B+. asdfasdfasdfasdf.)
  2. AP US History: B (I wish I had an A, but no luck.)
  3. Honors English 11: B (85% – the solidity of my grade makes me happy)
  4. German II: A+ (106.8%? &whatever.)
  5. Dance: A
  6. AP Psychology: B (I need to step up my game.)

Of course grades are weighted so that equals to a 4.0. I seriously wish I was more intelligent. CUT. CUT. CUT. &kidding.

I’ve been doing well in APUSH lately.. somewhat. I do excellently on the quizzes. &cheers.

Spring Break started today! &yeyness.

2 thoughts on “& the quarter ends

  1. Wahhh~ All this pressure and I rank pretty low. So much work and I’m on a 4.0 now too!! >=O Work harder!! And hope your spring break went well.

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