FEEEEEEEL the stress. NOW.

My Aunts all left for Florida today. I`m left home alone with ever-so-much studying to do. I feel overwhelmed as I mark in my calendar all that I need to do.

04.17 – APUSH Studying 1600s to 1750

04.18 – APUSH Studying 1750-1900

04.19 – APUSH Studying 1900-1990s

04.20 – Misc. HW Day / mind break from reading

04.21 – AP Psych Studying (pgs. 41-122), read 2 chapters from AP Psych book

04.22 – AP Psych Studying (pgs. 123-224), read 2 chapters from AP Psych book, start the take home test

04.23 – AP Psych Studying (pgs. 225-287) <–[optional], read 1 chapter from AP Psych book, finish take home test

04.24 – Back to school, Exam: Nixon to Clinton in APUSH

04.26 – APUSH Final #1

04.28 – APUSH Final #2

05.01 – APUSH Final #3

05.05 – APUSH TEST!!!!!! HOLYOHMAHGAWD. &dies.

05.06 – SAT I (retake ‘cus ughh i did CRAPPY)

05.10 – AP Psych TEST!!!!!! &dies x2?!


4 thoughts on “FEEEEEEEL the stress. NOW.

  1. lol Crappp, Briiness, your spring break certainly went down the drain with all of that work!! Well umm…. at least you got the 25th off, hey? :X

    AND LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE….. you’re not like me, who didn’t study for that Bio test. 😉 Means you’re gonna get those uberly awesome marks! *huuggs*

  2. take it easy buddy….

    good thing that you have a schedule, make it fun ^-^ dont worrie, while we’re all stressing out you’ll be doing good ^_^

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