DayApril 26, 2006

slow down

Descanso Gardens. Silent Hill. Dinner at lots of places. Studying. That’s how spring break went.

One thing I’d like to remember, though:
Eric H.&I are best friends now. [: During break we stayed awake usually until 2am and we’d chat on the phone. On one particular night I just kind of passed out on the sofa in the living room instead of going to the spare bedroom [[at mom`s house]]. The next morning my cousin Jonathan&girlfriend came over and I was asleep on the sofa. Gah! I woke up and tried to pretend I wasn’t shyyy all while worrying if my hair looked okay.

When they left I asked my mom why she didn’t wake me up. Her reply was, “You look like a lettuce when you wake up.” Say what? YEAH. LETTUCE. Or as she explained, perky and hyper. Riiiight. Needless to say, I ran to the bathroom and my hair was picture perfect [or at least in the exact same condition as when I went to sleep.] Lucky me. I`m known for having nice hair when I wake up. Aren`t I lucky?

This is officially hell week. Monday – Nixon to Clinton exam. Today – first APUSH final. WELLLLL I studied, I really did. And erm, calculating it … I would have received a 3 if the final were the real deal. Our 2nd final is on Friday. The third final is on Monday. Depressing. May 5th is the date of the actual APUSH exam. Slow down.

Rough draft for English due tomorrow. I don’t even know what length it needs to be. I`m currently busy finishing math hw. Or attempting to anyway.

Oh man. Oh man. You can do it. You can do it. Relax.

Ever heard of Pennies for Patients? Well, schools all over the country help raise money for leukemia patients. Downey High School [my high-school] was the top contributor in the entire country – #1, baby. Damn right. We care&we can prove it, too. [: