DayMay 5, 2006

I can’t wait until the dust settles

This has been such an interesting week. No joke.

I learned that David has a hair fetish. He kept on smelling my hair. The frick? Then Elizabeth, Jean, and I went around smelling each others hair [we were too short to smell David’s but we didn’t want to anyway]. Elizabeth tells me I have certain scent and she recognized it in my hair. &woah. In the beginning I would scream, run to Elizabeth, and promptly feel violated after David would just come up to me and smell my hair. I shuddered just now. It’s really creepy.

On Sunday night, mother came to pick me up so that I could sleep over at her place. Just serves as a reminder why I don’t live with her. Strangely we range from getting along very well to not getting along at all. Oh, oh! And when my brother behaves badly I happen to behave well, and when I behave “badly” my brother just so happens to play Angel. It’s just ‘cus we’re both Pisces [bro&I] so we gotta differ yannoe? One fish goes one way and the other goes the other way.

Spoke to Oregon on the phone on Sunday night as well. Miracle. Interesting. &stuff.

Donut got sick this week. Elizabeth&I chatted with him on AIM. Ooh it went soooo well. /sarcasm. Basically Elizabeth said, “I’m going to be blunt. You’re stupid.” Unfortunately I just had to laugh because he was acting rather annoying [most likely on purpose] and he proved my hypothesis right: he wants to stay blind. I have decided to drop the subject in its entirety and wait for him to crash. I can’t wait.

During tutorial she cried and I hugged her. I talked. She talked. It was emotional. We bonded. It felt nice. Emotional rollercoaster days are the best. We’ll all feel better soon. I hope I get over it. One day when it’s all over, I’ll laugh at myself.

I studied like no other for AY PEE YOU ESS this week. Matter o` fact, my exam was today. Let’s not talk about it. The only thing I know now is that I feel tired. What was Manifest Destiny? I’m convinced I don’t know. [[Even though I do.]] I’ll forget a little bit of U.S. History until June 3rd [SAT II] Lalalalalalalaaaaa. Yeahhh.

I wish I could say, “it’s over!” Nuh uh. Nopies. SAT I tomorrow. Take 2. &action! Plus, I have a take-home AP Psych test due Monday. The AP Psych final on Monday afterschool. Dance practice after the final on Monday. Testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make-up math test Tuesday afterschool. Dance dress rehearsal at 4pm on Tuesday. 12pm on Wednesday AP Psych Exam. Crapcrapcrap. Then at 7pm I have my Dance Review Performance. &gag. I don’t want to do it. I have to dance to Prince’s “Baby, I’ma Star” and a Hip Hop mix. Okay, so they’re fun to dance, but whyy? Either way, I convinced all my friends to NOT go. SCORE. I love my friends. [:

I make everything sound so overwhelming don’t I? It’s called catastrophyzing, baby. Psychology term. I love the fact that everything I do now has a name. Makes me feel just a little bit more insane.

Ooh, my mother JUST called. I like writing events in here as they happen. Time lapse, yo.

She’s making dinner tonight. Uncle George&Aunt Elle are going. So I called my Auntie Meme& suggested we go, too. Her call was very sudden and unexpected and ever-so-cheerful, it scared me. She asked if I was depressed after asking how I was, how I felt, and how my day was. She dreamt that I committed suicide. NICE. She said I was lost, and that everyone was worried while looking for me. Then she found a note that said, “For glory, for Mary, mother of God, and for my existence.” Strange, considering she&I both know I don’t believe in God [but I still capitalize his name for the sake of others’]. Wow. Hm. I’m not depressed. Right now. &whatevah.

Those McDonalds PEOPLE stole my mom’s idea. Yannoe how she said I look like a lettuce when I wake up?! WELL!!! McDonalds now has a commercial where the girl says, “I feel like a flower when I wake up,” and they show lettuce opening up/blossoming. THE HECK?! Gah!

While I’m not as of yet devoid of thoughts I’ll just cut this short and stop ……….. now. (: