I can’t wait until the dust settles

This has been such an interesting week. No joke.

I learned that David has a hair fetish. He kept on smelling my hair. The frick? Then Elizabeth, Jean, and I went around smelling each others hair [we were too short to smell David’s but we didn’t want to anyway]. Elizabeth tells me I have certain scent and she recognized it in my hair. &woah. In the beginning I would scream, run to Elizabeth, and promptly feel violated after David would just come up to me and smell my hair. I shuddered just now. It’s really creepy.

On Sunday night, mother came to pick me up so that I could sleep over at her place. Just serves as a reminder why I don’t live with her. Strangely we range from getting along very well to not getting along at all. Oh, oh! And when my brother behaves badly I happen to behave well, and when I behave “badly” my brother just so happens to play Angel. It’s just ‘cus we’re both Pisces [bro&I] so we gotta differ yannoe? One fish goes one way and the other goes the other way.

Spoke to Oregon on the phone on Sunday night as well. Miracle. Interesting. &stuff.

Donut got sick this week. Elizabeth&I chatted with him on AIM. Ooh it went soooo well. /sarcasm. Basically Elizabeth said, “I’m going to be blunt. You’re stupid.” Unfortunately I just had to laugh because he was acting rather annoying [most likely on purpose] and he proved my hypothesis right: he wants to stay blind. I have decided to drop the subject in its entirety and wait for him to crash. I can’t wait.

During tutorial she cried and I hugged her. I talked. She talked. It was emotional. We bonded. It felt nice. Emotional rollercoaster days are the best. We’ll all feel better soon. I hope I get over it. One day when it’s all over, I’ll laugh at myself.

I studied like no other for AY PEE YOU ESS this week. Matter o` fact, my exam was today. Let’s not talk about it. The only thing I know now is that I feel tired. What was Manifest Destiny? I’m convinced I don’t know. [[Even though I do.]] I’ll forget a little bit of U.S. History until June 3rd [SAT II] Lalalalalalalaaaaa. Yeahhh.

I wish I could say, “it’s over!” Nuh uh. Nopies. SAT I tomorrow. Take 2. &action! Plus, I have a take-home AP Psych test due Monday. The AP Psych final on Monday afterschool. Dance practice after the final on Monday. Testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make-up math test Tuesday afterschool. Dance dress rehearsal at 4pm on Tuesday. 12pm on Wednesday AP Psych Exam. Crapcrapcrap. Then at 7pm I have my Dance Review Performance. &gag. I don’t want to do it. I have to dance to Prince’s “Baby, I’ma Star” and a Hip Hop mix. Okay, so they’re fun to dance, but whyy? Either way, I convinced all my friends to NOT go. SCORE. I love my friends. [:

I make everything sound so overwhelming don’t I? It’s called catastrophyzing, baby. Psychology term. I love the fact that everything I do now has a name. Makes me feel just a little bit more insane.

Ooh, my mother JUST called. I like writing events in here as they happen. Time lapse, yo.

She’s making dinner tonight. Uncle George&Aunt Elle are going. So I called my Auntie Meme& suggested we go, too. Her call was very sudden and unexpected and ever-so-cheerful, it scared me. She asked if I was depressed after asking how I was, how I felt, and how my day was. She dreamt that I committed suicide. NICE. She said I was lost, and that everyone was worried while looking for me. Then she found a note that said, “For glory, for Mary, mother of God, and for my existence.” Strange, considering she&I both know I don’t believe in God [but I still capitalize his name for the sake of others’]. Wow. Hm. I’m not depressed. Right now. &whatevah.

Those McDonalds PEOPLE stole my mom’s idea. Yannoe how she said I look like a lettuce when I wake up?! WELL!!! McDonalds now has a commercial where the girl says, “I feel like a flower when I wake up,” and they show lettuce opening up/blossoming. THE HECK?! Gah!

While I’m not as of yet devoid of thoughts I’ll just cut this short and stop ……….. now. (:

3 thoughts on “I can’t wait until the dust settles

  1. Thank you for your helpful -and comforting- comment, although it may be a little late for me to reply lol.

    When I see the letters “AP”-anything anywhere, I feel a headache coming in. You’re so involved. It’s amazing you can handle everything without snapping! Hope you do well on your SAT, psych exam, and dance performance (goodness, so much to do in a few days!)

    Take care! : )

  2. Whoa good luck with all the SATs and your AP exam and dance performance. Busy busy next week. Seems so long since I’ve taken those tests. US History was basically all facts so fortunately I had a decent memory and the fact that I like history didn’t hurt. XD

    You were interested in a link exhange so I hope it’s okay if I linked you. 😀

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