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Recap entries sure are long. It’s been a very long time since my last entry. Oh, and I have an immigrant research paper due tomorrow, but I’ll waste a bit more time.

On Wednesday of last week I took my final AP Exam – AP Psychology. I know I did very well on the first essay and ehhhh okies on the second essay, but I’m not entirely sure about the multiple choice. Hm. Time will tell what I received. *sigh*

After my exam finished at 3pm, I had to go to the Downey Theatre to get dressed and put make-up on for my dance performance. The show lasted from 7-9 I’d say. Oh, it happened so fast! It was realllllly fun, though. I want to do it all over again. [: I performed a jazz dance to Prince’s “Baby, I’ma Star” and a hip hop mix. I convinced most of my friends to NOT go, but some did. Embarrassing. T_T; A few friends watched me shake certain parts of my body. Hahaha. Oh that wasn’t fun!

Friday afterschool I took a math test that about 25 kids needed to take [due to AP testing]. I got a 90%. Meh. That’s just okay… but I don’t really mind.

Then my uncle George picked me up. My brother was already in the car, and we then picked up my Uncle’s son, Georgito. [: On the journey home I learned, “Betty bought a bit of better butter. A bit of better butter Betty bought.” Yey! You try saying that a few times fast. Fun, ne? Ooh, and then my Uncle made up an emo song!! He’s always making his own songs to ridicule something or just for entertainment purposes. The lyrics went something like, “I’m all alone at night wondering if anyone cares. I want to die. I should slit my wrists. What’s the fastest way to kill yourself? Tell me!!! Tell me!!!” Oh man oh maaaan, my expression went from o: to xD so fast! It was really funny [he can’t sing, btw] & emo all at once. Hm, side note: he owes me lunch.

Elizabeth, Jean, David, Pedro, Vy, and I went to Disneyland on Saturday. [: It was the first time all year we’ve gone out. AP testing is over!! It was a much-needed brain break. Because we were in each others company we tried to scream extra loud-ish-like. All our voices were strained by the end of the day [and mine still sounds a bit weird]. We got on all the major rides at both Disneyland & California Adventure. We even watched the Aladdin show. Haha, since I last went in February, the Aladdin’s abs got more ripped. Hahah. On rides we yelled out, “Iceberg lettuce!!!” or later on in the night as we got sillier, “LECHUUUUGA,” which is Spanish for lettuce. (: Ah, the fun! Pedro’s sister Laura works at Disneyland so we were there until 1:30am. I got to Mom’s home at 2am VERY hyper. Matter o’ fact, before we left Disneyland, David&I started running laps. ^__^;; HAHAHA. Sure, our feet were in pain – but running is EFF YOU ENN!

Throughout the day I managed to damage David’s family jewels on a ride. Oh that was awkward let me tell you. Hm, and while in line to get seats for Aladdin Jean came up with the idea to play MASH. Ohhh man. *mumbles* DOUBLE-U. EE. ESS. I’ll stop there. Gahhh. Woah.

Sunday, awoke at Mom’s house, but she had gone to work. Auntie Elle&Meme had slept over, too, though. At 11am we left and I finally got home. Sunday was My Epiphany. I was literally listening to music and relaxing on my comp when BAM! I reached an enlightenment of sorts. Quite randomly, I stopped feeling emo. I stopped -insert- emotion. It was the best feeling in the entire world. I don’t know what came over me. It was just … amazing. 😀 Yey!

Afterschool on Monday I had an ortho appointment and since my mom has all Monday’s off she took me. Afterward we went to have dinner at The Elephant Bar. Yumm~ I called my Auntie Meme to ask if she wanted us to get her any food to go and she said yes. Aunt suggested we both sleep over at Mom’s. So we did. [: I’m currently in the process of contemplating whether or not I should move back in with my mother. Most people probably think I’m crazy for wanting to do that, but ehhhh. I don’t know. Thinking, thinking. I do that a lot.

At night, while on my mother’s lappy-toppy Oregon signed on. After my epiphany I wasn’t exactly going to IM him. But surprises always occur; he IMed me. He apologized and we had a very nice talk. Too bad I don’t feel anything towards him anymore. Which makes me wonder if my epiphany got rid of my emo-ness or in actuality, made me apathetic. D: I’m not really worried. Not feeling is okay. For now.

Tuesday night I came home and watched “2009 Lost Memories” a Japanese&Korean (both languages are incorporated) movie with my Aunt. It’s such a good movie. After, I fell asleep at 8pm and awoke this morning at 5am. Gooood sleep. Yey! I need more sleep.

I looove 2, 4, 6 days. AP US, German II, AP Psych. Movie-watching, baby. ;] Yesss.

I started looking out for myself today.”

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  1. ahhhhhh DISNEYLAND!!! yay~ i love that place…even though there is nothing intersting there anymore..but i have such good memories from there~ ^_______^ I hope your APs went well. My sister finished her AP tests like a week…or two weeks ago~


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