Contra formam humani generis

Simile of Myself

I am like a perpetually sealed letter to the world,
Yearning to be opened and read a million times over.
The letter remains unopened, hiding all that is sincere.
An aesthetic stamp adorns the exterior,
The true contents known only to the writer.
Try to open it, dare.
Surprise, surprise, it’s utterly empty inside.

 Thoughts of purchasing a new domain have crossed my mind. It would not be replacing this one at all, but instead it would simply hold my weblog. I have so many ideas. Please help me choose!


I reallllly want a hyphenated domain [or not, depending on the name], it should be “emo” or emotional, and maybe pertaining to nature, or a Latin word/phrase. Any ideas, suggestions, comments?

Three-day weekend was enjoyable. [: I spent a total of 5 hours at home in all; I didn’t even go home Friday afterschool. 1 hour on Sunday morning to get more clothes and then Monday night from 8pm until the end of the day, midnight.

X-Men III was soooo awesome. Tell me you watched it¬†and stayed after the credits. ;] Family party on Saturday. Looked at houses on Sunday. Then worked on AP Psych project from 4:30-9pm at Krystal’s house. Monday – chillaxing/sleeping day at Mom’s.

Oh, oh… I JUST had the bestest ending line ever and now it has slipped my mind. :\ Nuuuh. This will have to do:

Be swift to embrace nonsense that makes you smile.
Don’t let “sense” take over too early.

6 thoughts on “Contra formam humani generis

  1. i am glad you enjoyed your weekend. for domain names out of the ones you have listed i like, and i haven’t seen the X-Men III movie yet, but several of the boys in my class did see it over the weekend.

  2. luckyyy~! i wanted to watch it but none of my friends do because they haven’t watched the previous ones V_V
    heheh… drowning-sky and falling-sea…. they other ones… i think i’ve seen them before XD

    if i had enough money i’d buy para-pluie >___> yay umbrellas… or maybe raining parapara x_x

  3. I say is intersting~ ^______^ i like it~ it’s hard to pick a domain name ;_______;

    I haven’t seen X-men III yet~ Maybe this weekened~~

  4. Oooh, X-Men 3! I watched, but didn’t stay around for the credits!! T_T I heard what happened, though. Wish I’d stayed lol. It was entertaining, but thought it was a bit disappointing that the Archangel had so little screentime… and no Gambit xD Good movie, though.

    I like It would be an interesting name for a domain… It would certainly have an interesting background behind its name! : )

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