MonthJune 2006

A week of fun!

The Gatsbys American Dream concert was ever so much fun! I took one of my twins, Victoria Lee. :] The concert was at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. In all, four bands played: This Providence, My American Heart, Waking Ashland, and finally, Gatsbys American Dream. Oh wow! I’m in LOVE with Ricky from My American Heart; he’s sooo gorgeous.Ā Ricky replaced Jeremy, who left the band not too long ago. I forgot my digi-cam in the car, so I didn’t take any pictures. *sigh* Oh wells. However, I was RIGHT IN THE FRONT. Like, standing right in front of the stage in the center. Nic sang to me! [Nic is the vocalist from Gatsbys] He has so much energy and he never stopped dancing! Anyway, he pushed the other people away and he started singing to me. It was the loveliest thing ever. ;]

Ah, that same day [Monday] Jackie and I hung out. We watched a movie at her house and ate the junk food that I brought over. šŸ˜€ Afterwards we went to the mall and then to Downey Landing. We took looots of pictures. Haha. Yes, we’re a tad vain. Fun, fun!

I think I was bored on Tuesday. I recall playing video games with my brother. It was a slow day. Lol. Oh, in the afternoon, David and I walked to Subway. He met mi madre and stuff. :] That night, mom, bro, and I rented movies and videogames.

On Wednesday morning I played videogames again. I played Silent Hill 4: The Room. Of course, I’m such a scaredy cat, so my nerves only allowed me to play for 30 minutes. Haha. At 3pm I went ice-skating with Sarah and some guy. It was looots of fun, except I cut my skin even though I tucked my jeans. :\ It burns! That night, Favio, Chris, and I went to the mall so that I could turn in applications for a job. And we ate pizza at the mall, too. As I was eating, I ran into Brittany Davis, and she was also applying.

Today, I awoke at 6:40 am and got ready for David to pick me up so we could go to school and pick up that nice little green paper that will allow us to work. Afterwards, we went back to his house and I ate a lil` bag of cereal. lol. Then we walked to Subway to turn in our job applications. Miraculously, they hired us right on the spot. I think David and I were in SHOCK. We began “training” or rather, we worked for 4 hours. It was so exciting. He and I kept making jokes about how we’re working people now. Lmfao. We also made “after work” jokes and whatnot. As soon as I got home I told my mom, “I’m tired and I just got home from work. Why can’t you make me food for once?” LOLOL. That’s what SHE says when she gets home, but my mom works for 12 hours a day at Kaiser Permanente so it doesn’t really compare, but it was fun saying it.

Absolutely everyone called me; my uncle, and all my aunts called to congratulate me on finally getting a job, and they wished me luck and blah blah blah. Hahah, and then my mom took a picture of David and I in our uniforms. She told me she was going to email it to everyone. *groans* It’s hilarious, though. We made the “westside” sign to represent “working people.” xD When my mom dropped David off we said, “Bye, coworker.” Zomg. It’s hilarious. Moneyyy! Lolol. David’s goal is to buy a Mac. His mom is giving him some money so by summer’s end he’ll be able to buy it.

Reminds me, my mom is giving me $1000. If I DO save my money, I could buy one, too. But iono… lol. I rather spend it. hahaha. Oh wow. xD; And in about three weeks my mom, brother, and I are going to Hawaii.

I have a bonfire to attend tomorrow and on Saturday. Exhibit W. LOL. Fidel makes me laugh; he’s my newly/recently acquired twin, too. – – – – – – makes me blush. ;] Majorcrushtime<3. But it’s going to be a fun failure. I sense it, I sense it. Oh, and I have a feeling I’m going to miss AnimeExpo this year. :x! I need to move the rest of my stuff from Alhambra to Downey on Sunday. I could go to AnimeExpo on Monday, but who knows. And then, Tuesday is the 4th of July, and I have plans to go to my aunt’s condo in Long Beach to watch the fireworks from the Queen Mary. I feel so busy, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Summer, baby!

The Senior graduation was on Thursday. I went with my friends Victoria, Quan, Pedro, Elizabeth, David, and Jean. I did not enjoy Jane Kim’s valedictorian speech. She said, “I entered high school with my mind set on becoming valedictorian. I focused solely on that. Our paths diverged. I went left and you went right.” However, the other valedictorian, with a matching 4.81 GPA, Leena, had several nice things to say. Leena is quite nice as opposed to Jane, who I think is a snob. Oh wells! They’re gone and I’m officially a senior.

Friday was quite possibly the longest, best last day of my life. Since it was finals week, we had periods 5 and 6, but I have Dance and AP Psychology for those periods, respectfully. Instead of attending class I went to Mrs. Labarge’s class with a grand total of 5 of us in there. I don’t even have Labarge for a class, but she’s the other APUSH teacher and we’re close like that. Glasser, my APUSH teacher, came a little later during 5th. David came over to Labarge’s from his anatomy class and I ate one of the sweet breads he brought. Oh, delicious! Except as I was nearing the end of the bread I started to get a tummy-ache over all the sugar. Pfft!

Towards the latter half of 5th period Jean joined us in Labarge’s room and then we just went to Glasser’s classroom [just us two] where I proceeded to tell him my life story. Oh boy! It was just sliiightly awkward. I remember he said, “And you’re so well-adjusted, too.” Yesyes, my life is so messed up. I’m glad he then started askingĀ about Jean’s life story. šŸ˜€ I smile too much. Hm, I have to fix that before the entire world thinks I’m a happy child.

And finally snack time arrived! I had a master plan, really. However, certain people were MIA, so I couldn’t execute my plan. As if by magic, as I was walking towards my 6th period [because I had nowhere else to go], walking right in front of me were Fidel and Wesley. I asked where they were going and Fidel said they were leaving to Nick’s house to play videogames.

I told them maybe I’d go join them in a bit. So rather than bothering to go to my 6th periodĀ I walked over to Jean’s 6th period: AP Calc. with Mr. Bremer. I called David on his cell and asked if he wanted to go to Nick’s house to play videogames. Jean went home to watch the soccer game while David and I walked to Nick’s.

When David and I arrived, Wesley was playing invisible basketball. Lmfao. Oh, he’s great. All of us [all those guys & I, the only girl] went into Nick’s garage and started playing Super Smash Bros. I have only played that ONCE and I sucked. So naturally playing a second time I still sucked really badly. I don’t own a Gamecube, nor the game, so I can’t exactly practice. Haha. Afterwards we played Soul Caliber II. That was more fun, but Nick kept playing with Link and he’d do some weird move, stand there, and when the other player hit Link, the player would get KOed. :\ Darn! I had fun playing anyway. ^__^

Oh man oh man oh man never watch EuroTrip deleted scenes! Especially not with 4 guys. Ack, the flashbacks. Haha. I think they felt uncomfortable, but they watched it anyyyway. Interesting. However, my main reason for going to Nick’s was accomplished when the clever David left me alone with him. Too bad we didn’t talk as much as I would have liked, but I still got to know what he’s like in his comfort zone, with his friends. ;] David and I were at Nick’s from like 10.30am to 2pm.

At 2pm, David’s mom picked us up as we went to his house. He fed me spaghetti that his mom had made the night prior. We listened to my emo music on his compie through my iPod, and we looked at the yearbooks from the last three years. We talked, and by the end my ears were ringing from his laughter! No joke. He has THE loudest laugh ever.

At 5pmĀ David, Elizabeth, Pedro, Jean, and IĀ went to go eat dinner. I sat next to David; bad idea. Everytime he laughed my ears would ring. We laughed so much my stomach ached and my cheeks hurt from it. Pedro took pictures of us laughing and took a video capture of us talking. Haha. Fun, fun.

Then we went to the movie theater and bought tickets to watch The Breakup. We had about an hour to go so we walked the stairs all the way to the top of the parking lot and started taking silly pictures and whatnot. :] Fun!! By the time we went back down I was literally in pain from laughing. We all had cramps in random places from laughing.

The group and I went into the movie theater a bit early and we kept on laughing, taking pictures and interestingly enough, jumping down seats. Haha. Hm, and I actually enjoyed the movie very much. The ending was very realistic. Watch it, watch it!

Bonfires on both the 30th and the 1st. The 30th bonfire – a looot of people are going, so I don’t know if I want to go. But the one on the 1st only my group of 6 and the three guys, Nick and Fidel and Wesley, are going. Ours is more personal and it’ll be much more comfortable. ^_^;

I’m going to The Gatsbys American Dream concert tomorrow! I’m excited. And possibly, David and I are going to Vans Warped Tour together. I hope we go~! This summer sounds like fun and it’s only just barely started. <3

rise and fall of an empire

The other day I was looking through the referrals on SiteMeter to my domain and I stumbled upon an interesting search done on that was used to enter my domain. The search was for, “What’s the fastest way to kill yourself?” The reason this led to Dakishime.Net was because of the “Emo song” my Uncle made in the car one time. Wow, it makes me sad to see that people search for stuff like that.

My little cousin’s baseball game playoffs came and went. Since it was the playoffs we had a picnic type thing going on. It was fun. Just thought I’d mention it.

We’ve been watching the soccer world cup in pretty much all my classes. Fun fun.

I’ll have the music video my friends and I made up pretty soon. It’s hilarious. I absolute love it. My friends (that I hang out with) and I are going to make videos this summer. Oh man, we’re so lame and cool like that. ;D

Finals week. I’m not exactly too stressed. Math final and a speech for English. I’m too tired to worry. It’s almost over anyway.

My Uncle Brian [a 4th grade teacher] had a talent show on Friday! He sang “Basket Case” by Green Day. <3 The kids looked so prepared and their choreography was so nice [for the dances they did]. I loooved it. Then we had dinner at Johnny Rockets with a really cute waiter. Hehe. Oh yes, and my aunt liked someone at the talent show. Oh, funny!

To make up for the talent show, we went to the movies on Saturday. [We usually go on Friday night]. We watched both Nacho Libre and The Lake House. Nacho Libre was so funny! [: I enjoyed it very much. Good laugh. And, ohhh! The Lake House was such a beautiful and romantic movie. It was LOVE. Family and I kiiinda had the story figured out, but there were so many good lil` details and we still ended up surprised. Watch it, says I.

Afterward, I realized I had not eaten at all the entire day, so it was a relief when Uncle George called and said he made dinner and was inviting everyone in the family. His dinner was delicious!! Afterwards as the adults talked I went with my lil` cousin Georgito and we played Gran Turismo 4. I love that game. Occassionally Uncle George would come watch us play. ;] He likes that game, too. I remember when it came out he invited all his friends and they had a party to play. Hehehe. Later that night, it was karaoke time! Everyone sang [except myself – I’m shy and I rather not].

Sunday morning Auntie Meme and I went to visit my mom so that I could see my newly painted room. It also has wood flooring now. It’ll almost be like my old room in L.A. except not as cool. :\ Aww, but it’s still nice so I shouldn’t complain too much.

After my mom made breakfast Auntie Elle called that she was coming over. She said we should do something for Uncle George for Father’s Day. So we ran to get gifts and we had a second party. Man, my family loves doing stuff. They’re the greatest.

Oh, forgot to mention… I had the BESTESTEST conversation with Eric on Saturday morning. Detect the sarcasm yet? Asdf. I rather not get into any more details.

I purchased and The layouts should be up soon… I’m guessing this weekend if I work quickly. It is finals week after all. Friends and I have plans afterschool and whatnot. So soon! I promise. Heart Strutter will be my new blog and Juillet Love will be the new collective domain. It’s pronounced July love, btw. ;] Hm, and I’m even thinking of keeping for hosting. I’ll see how things turn out.

Oh, oh! I got indirectly rejected today. Fun, but not really.

Speed of Light

No, not 299,792,458 m / s, but more in reference to how fast these last few weeks have passed. I don’t think it’s even an appropriate time to blog considering I still have tons of projects, homework, and my mind is racing. Oh, and for those wondering: that really is me in the side image. :] Kiss me! Hahaha. Ew.

Random Thoughts:

  • I frequent myspace everyday now. Ick!
  • I get about 4 hours of sleep a night.
  • My group of friends and I had drama for the first time last week, all over a mere 25 pt. project.
  • Look up! It’s good for you.
  • People always surprise me.
  • I now use Firefox, but I still feel like I have betrayed IE.
  • The APUSH Music Project will be very memorable; I miss being a part of The Glassers. ;]
  • Okay, I kiiiinda like writing poetry now. I’d never write a poem out of my own free will, but doing it for class isn’t all that bad.
  • Junior year went by way too fast. I remember the all-nighters, the projects, the endless stack of homework, nearly falling asleep in class, reading until I wanted to collapse, etc.
  • Memorable phone calls.
  • Disneyland with the friends. I don’t even know how we made the time to go.
  • Okay, so maybe I have reoccurring thoughts about a certain person and I always wonder WHY. Makes me want to bang my head against a wall.
  • I want school to end already. :\
  • I want to find my Coldstone Icecream soulmate. Life is so unfair.
  • Video editing is fun!

I have already begun making one of the layouts for my domains. [: I have already sketched both layouts so I know exactly what I want them to look like, and now I need to find the time to finish them!! First, I need to get some sleep and rest [‘cus I got sick this weekend]. Hm, The Omen sucked, forserious. Forserious is one word; I use it in real life. Mhm!