sleeping sun

The weather has been killing me; it’s unbearable. The sun makes me feel lethargic. Here’s a sad icecream story. Meeting a person once is never enough. I’m still a little sad over it.

So many people like! (: I have already thought of some new ideas, but eliminated others.[taken!],,,,[taken!]

SAT II went alright. I took US History and Literature at USC. Afterwards I had to wait for my Uncle Brian to come pick me up so I decided to go under a tree in the grass and just lay there listening to my iPod for a while. It was so soothing, and luckily the sun wasn’t burning so brightly.

I made a new layout, but I need to finish coding it. It’s so orange, it’s almost annoying. However, I’m almost done coding it so I might as well just use it, right?

Quite recently I have taken a great liking to Gatsbys American Dream, Name Taken [disbanded], and Loudermilk [now Gosling]. Music keeps me alive, forserious.

The end of the year is promoting laziness within me. It’s late on Sunday night and I have yet to finish my math homework. There is no energy left in me. And I still have so many projects and assignments left. At least my AP Psych project is done! My group&I made a video that turned out soooo well. Love it!

Oh, I made a new log. URL will not be disclosed, but I wanted to annouce that for some odd reason I no longer feel as though I can confess my innermost feelings on my blog. Perhaps that’s why I want a new domain…

Biggest wish: I wish… I had someone to talk to. [Elizabeth doesn’t count because … iono. But anyway!] Lalala. Let me turn productive in a heart beat.

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  1. 5 years! It shows. I am too lazy to keep my blog up to date. I am pretty proactive, and I ‘m sure my life would be quite a great read. I can relate to this blog fairly well. School sucks, along with the heat. Haha. I really want to upgrade my blog now…

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