DayJune 6, 2006

Careful, the trees are falling down

M’kay, I have a master plan! Surpasshosting has a special offer starting June 15 that when you buy any hosting plan you get one of equal or lesser value free. On June 15 I plan on buying two completely new domains separately hosted. My original plan was to host my new domain on because there are 10 add-on domains in each plan. I am going to let Dakishime.Net fade away and expire…

Mhm. I have already chosen my two new domain names and now I must be patient and wait for June 15th. I’d post the names of the domains I chose, but I want to keep them a secret for now. ;]

06/06/06 was a good day for me. I found out two schoolmates know about webdesign. It’s almost like the time when Paula and I discovered each other in Honors Biology that way, but not as good.

I have plans to go watch The Omen on Saturday. Yey!

Lover suffer a heart shaped like strutter.