Careful, the trees are falling down

M’kay, I have a master plan! Surpasshosting has a special offer starting June 15 that when you buy any hosting plan you get one of equal or lesser value free. On June 15 I plan on buying two completely new domains separately hosted. My original plan was to host my new domain on because there are 10 add-on domains in each plan. I am going to let Dakishime.Net fade away and expire…

Mhm. I have already chosen my two new domain names and now I must be patient and wait for June 15th. I’d post the names of the domains I chose, but I want to keep them a secret for now. ;]

06/06/06 was a good day for me. I found out two schoolmates know about webdesign. It’s almost like the time when Paula and I discovered each other in Honors Biology that way, but not as good.

I have plans to go watch The Omen on Saturday. Yey!

Lover suffer a heart shaped like strutter.

8 thoughts on “Careful, the trees are falling down

  1. I can’t waitttt until you get your new domains up! 🙂 I’ll keep checking back once you get them!

    It’s sad to say, though, that dakishime will be gone :'( it’s like losing my domain again except … not!! lol

    Mmmkay, tell how The Omen went. ^^ I want to see it, but don’t really feel like spending money on seeing it. haha.

  2. Hey “Bri” I’m in class once again having nothing to do, so I thought I should stop by and say Hello and to tell you NOT to watch the Omen. If you are, then buy the ticket for $6 like what I did. There’s some scary parts.. but man, it doesn’t live up to all the hype. So just wanted to warn you.

    About new domains.. what a rich b****. lol j/k And you’re moving? TO WHERE????!?!?!?!? We still need to hang out…!! To la playa? Or somewhere else?? Damn… June Gloom is getting to me–SO EMO–nah.. I’m never emo.. that would be just weird. So just wanted to say Hi! Laters girl.

    Much love.

  3. i like your new layout. congrats on getting a new domain, can’t wait to see it up =] are you going to move this blog to one of your new domain?

  4. i love your layout brigitte!!!~ I love reservoir chronicles~ im a little sad that dakishime is going ;___;…but i’m glad you are getting two new ones~

  5. Ohnoes, your permit expired? I haven’t been wary of the expiration date on those things… XD

    That surpass hosting offer sounds like a sweet deal. ^_^ Yay for not just one domain… but two domains! Although, I will definitely miss as well T_T…

    Still, I can’t wait until the new domains are unveiled. Guess you’re gonna be busy making new layouts for ’em 😛

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