DayJune 13, 2006

Speed of Light

No, not 299,792,458 m / s, but more in reference to how fast these last few weeks have passed. I don’t think it’s even an appropriate time to blog considering I still have tons of projects, homework, and my mind is racing. Oh, and for those wondering: that really is me in the side image. :] Kiss me! Hahaha. Ew.

Random Thoughts:

  • I frequent myspace everyday now. Ick!
  • I get about 4 hours of sleep a night.
  • My group of friends and I had drama for the first time last week, all over a mere 25 pt. project.
  • Look up! It’s good for you.
  • People always surprise me.
  • I now use Firefox, but I still feel like I have betrayed IE.
  • The APUSH Music Project will be very memorable; I miss being a part of The Glassers. ;]
  • Okay, I kiiiinda like writing poetry now. I’d never write a poem out of my own free will, but doing it for class isn’t all that bad.
  • Junior year went by way too fast. I remember the all-nighters, the projects, the endless stack of homework, nearly falling asleep in class, reading until I wanted to collapse, etc.
  • Memorable phone calls.
  • Disneyland with the friends. I don’t even know how we made the time to go.
  • Okay, so maybe I have reoccurring thoughts about a certain person and I always wonder WHY. Makes me want to bang my head against a wall.
  • I want school to end already. :\
  • I want to find my Coldstone Icecream soulmate. Life is so unfair.
  • Video editing is fun!

I have already begun making one of the layouts for my domains. [: I have already sketched both layouts so I know exactly what I want them to look like, and now I need to find the time to finish them!! First, I need to get some sleep and rest [‘cus I got sick this weekend]. Hm, The Omen sucked, forserious. Forserious is one word; I use it in real life. Mhm!