Speed of Light

No, not 299,792,458 m / s, but more in reference to how fast these last few weeks have passed. I don’t think it’s even an appropriate time to blog considering I still have tons of projects, homework, and my mind is racing. Oh, and for those wondering: that really is me in the side image. :] Kiss me! Hahaha. Ew.

Random Thoughts:

  • I frequent myspace everyday now. Ick!
  • I get about 4 hours of sleep a night.
  • My group of friends and I had drama for the first time last week, all over a mere 25 pt. project.
  • Look up! It’s good for you.
  • People always surprise me.
  • I now use Firefox, but I still feel like I have betrayed IE.
  • The APUSH Music Project will be very memorable; I miss being a part of The Glassers. ;]
  • Okay, I kiiiinda like writing poetry now. I’d never write a poem out of my own free will, but doing it for class isn’t all that bad.
  • Junior year went by way too fast. I remember the all-nighters, the projects, the endless stack of homework, nearly falling asleep in class, reading until I wanted to collapse, etc.
  • Memorable phone calls.
  • Disneyland with the friends. I don’t even know how we made the time to go.
  • Okay, so maybe I have reoccurring thoughts about a certain person and I always wonder WHY. Makes me want to bang my head against a wall.
  • I want school to end already. :\
  • I want to find my Coldstone Icecream soulmate. Life is so unfair.
  • Video editing is fun!

I have already begun making one of the layouts for my domains. [: I have already sketched both layouts so I know exactly what I want them to look like, and now I need to find the time to finish them!! First, I need to get some sleep and rest [‘cus I got sick this weekend]. Hm, The Omen sucked, forserious. Forserious is one word; I use it in real life. Mhm!


6 thoughts on “Speed of Light

  1. ahh yes…the all-nighters~ you’re gonna rest this summer…four hours of sleep is not good!!!

    lol i heard that The Omen wasn’t that good. I don’t like scary movies ;____;

  2. school’s still not over? my last exam finally ended today. so happy -^___^-;; pulling an all-nighter yesterday was so worth it

    (okay… not really)

    I’m too scared to watch the omen V_V

  3. Ahh, Love the lay. Oh wow.. School ends June 23rd for you. That sucks!! Your random thoughts are memorable moments. This year has gone by really fast.. Well, can’t wait to see your new layout. I heard that The Omen sucked as well. x]

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