rise and fall of an empire

The other day I was looking through the referrals on SiteMeter to my domain and I stumbled upon an interesting search done on Comcast.net that was used to enter my domain. The search was for, “What’s the fastest way to kill yourself?” The reason this led to Dakishime.Net was because of the “Emo song” my Uncle made in the car one time. Wow, it makes me sad to see that people search for stuff like that.

My little cousin’s baseball game playoffs came and went. Since it was the playoffs we had a picnic type thing going on. It was fun. Just thought I’d mention it.

We’ve been watching the soccer world cup in pretty much all my classes. Fun fun.

I’ll have the music video my friends and I made up pretty soon. It’s hilarious. I absolute love it. My friends (that I hang out with) and I are going to make videos this summer. Oh man, we’re so lame and cool like that. ;D

Finals week. I’m not exactly too stressed. Math final and a speech for English. I’m too tired to worry. It’s almost over anyway.

My Uncle Brian [a 4th grade teacher] had a talent show on Friday! He sang “Basket Case” by Green Day. <3 The kids looked so prepared and their choreography was so nice [for the dances they did]. I loooved it. Then we had dinner at Johnny Rockets with a really cute waiter. Hehe. Oh yes, and my aunt liked someone at the talent show. Oh, funny!

To make up for the talent show, we went to the movies on Saturday. [We usually go on Friday night]. We watched both Nacho Libre and The Lake House. Nacho Libre was so funny! [: I enjoyed it very much. Good laugh. And, ohhh! The Lake House was such a beautiful and romantic movie. It was LOVE. Family and I kiiinda had the story figured out, but there were so many good lil` details and we still ended up surprised. Watch it, says I.

Afterward, I realized I had not eaten at all the entire day, so it was a relief when Uncle George called and said he made dinner and was inviting everyone in the family. His dinner was delicious!! Afterwards as the adults talked I went with my lil` cousin Georgito and we played Gran Turismo 4. I love that game. Occassionally Uncle George would come watch us play. ;] He likes that game, too. I remember when it came out he invited all his friends and they had a party to play. Hehehe. Later that night, it was karaoke time! Everyone sang [except myself – I’m shy and I rather not].

Sunday morning Auntie Meme and I went to visit my mom so that I could see my newly painted room. It also has wood flooring now. It’ll almost be like my old room in L.A. except not as cool. :\ Aww, but it’s still nice so I shouldn’t complain too much.

After my mom made breakfast Auntie Elle called that she was coming over. She said we should do something for Uncle George for Father’s Day. So we ran to get gifts and we had a second party. Man, my family loves doing stuff. They’re the greatest.

Oh, forgot to mention… I had the BESTESTEST conversation with Eric on Saturday morning. Detect the sarcasm yet? Asdf. I rather not get into any more details.

I purchased heart-strutter.org and juillet-love.org. The layouts should be up soon… I’m guessing this weekend if I work quickly. It is finals week after all. Friends and I have plans afterschool and whatnot. So soon! I promise. Heart Strutter will be my new blog and Juillet Love will be the new collective domain. It’s pronounced July love, btw. ;] Hm, and I’m even thinking of keeping Dakishime.net for hosting. I’ll see how things turn out.

Oh, oh! I got indirectly rejected today. Fun, but not really.

3 thoughts on “rise and fall of an empire

  1. =D can’t wait to see the music video. the cd cover looks so pretty~
    seriously, your family has so many parties and they do so much stuff together @_@
    my parents always work and the rest are somewhere in asia V_V

    LOVE THE DOMAIN NAMES ^________________^
    heheh… adding french to stuff makes anything sound more sophisticated >__>

    how do i fix my div problem =0 i don’t really… have… firefox

  2. oooo a music video~ I’m gonna try to find the time to watch both of those movies!
    very nice domain names~ Can’t wait to see the new layouts~
    i have Gran Turismo 3…i love it

  3. How sad that someone wanted to be killed so fast. 🙁 Another sad-life person. Wahh.. Making music videos must be really fun. I want to see. It’d take me long to DL, but worth the load. Your family is really tight. Always doing fun things. I think “The Lake House” is based on a Korean movie. I have yet to see “The Lake House.” The korean movie was quite good. Karaoke is super fun. I never ever paint my room any color other than white. =x I share my room and my sister wants it black. Love the domain names. It’s so.. pretty. o__O Indirectly rejected? Don’t take it to the heart.

    I think IB classes are harder. IB Tests consists of 6 tests on each subject while AP is only one. IB tests are oral presentations and paper tests. While in IB, there has to be another class taken: TOK. Hmm.. And if you take English and History, you can’t drop out of it your senior year. =T Being Full IB is already complicated.

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