Summer, baby!

The Senior graduation was on Thursday. I went with my friends Victoria, Quan, Pedro, Elizabeth, David, and Jean. I did not enjoy Jane Kim’s valedictorian speech. She said, “I entered high school with my mind set on becoming valedictorian. I focused solely on that. Our paths diverged. I went left and you went right.” However, the other valedictorian, with a matching 4.81 GPA, Leena, had several nice things to say. Leena is quite nice as opposed to Jane, who I think is a snob. Oh wells! They’re gone and I’m officially a senior.

Friday was quite possibly the longest, best last day of my life. Since it was finals week, we had periods 5 and 6, but I have Dance and AP Psychology for those periods, respectfully. Instead of attending class I went to Mrs. Labarge’s class with a grand total of 5 of us in there. I don’t even have Labarge for a class, but she’s the other APUSH teacher and we’re close like that. Glasser, my APUSH teacher, came a little later during 5th. David came over to Labarge’s from his anatomy class and I ate one of the sweet breads he brought. Oh, delicious! Except as I was nearing the end of the bread I started to get a tummy-ache over all the sugar. Pfft!

Towards the latter half of 5th period Jean joined us in Labarge’s room and then we just went to Glasser’s classroom [just us two] where I proceeded to tell him my life story. Oh boy! It was just sliiightly awkward. I remember he said, “And you’re so well-adjusted, too.” Yesyes, my life is so messed up. I’m glad he then started askingĀ about Jean’s life story. šŸ˜€ I smile too much. Hm, I have to fix that before the entire world thinks I’m a happy child.

And finally snack time arrived! I had a master plan, really. However, certain people were MIA, so I couldn’t execute my plan. As if by magic, as I was walking towards my 6th period [because I had nowhere else to go], walking right in front of me were Fidel and Wesley. I asked where they were going and Fidel said they were leaving to Nick’s house to play videogames.

I told them maybe I’d go join them in a bit. So rather than bothering to go to my 6th periodĀ I walked over to Jean’s 6th period: AP Calc. with Mr. Bremer. I called David on his cell and asked if he wanted to go to Nick’s house to play videogames. Jean went home to watch the soccer game while David and I walked to Nick’s.

When David and I arrived, Wesley was playing invisible basketball. Lmfao. Oh, he’s great. All of us [all those guys & I, the only girl] went into Nick’s garage and started playing Super Smash Bros. I have only played that ONCE and I sucked. So naturally playing a second time I still sucked really badly. I don’t own a Gamecube, nor the game, so I can’t exactly practice. Haha. Afterwards we played Soul Caliber II. That was more fun, but Nick kept playing with Link and he’d do some weird move, stand there, and when the other player hit Link, the player would get KOed. :\ Darn! I had fun playing anyway. ^__^

Oh man oh man oh man never watch EuroTrip deleted scenes! Especially not with 4 guys. Ack, the flashbacks. Haha. I think they felt uncomfortable, but they watched it anyyyway. Interesting. However, my main reason for going to Nick’s was accomplished when the clever David left me alone with him. Too bad we didn’t talk as much as I would have liked, but I still got to know what he’s like in his comfort zone, with his friends. ;] David and I were at Nick’s from like 10.30am to 2pm.

At 2pm, David’s mom picked us up as we went to his house. He fed me spaghetti that his mom had made the night prior. We listened to my emo music on his compie through my iPod, and we looked at the yearbooks from the last three years. We talked, and by the end my ears were ringing from his laughter! No joke. He has THE loudest laugh ever.

At 5pmĀ David, Elizabeth, Pedro, Jean, and IĀ went to go eat dinner. I sat next to David; bad idea. Everytime he laughed my ears would ring. We laughed so much my stomach ached and my cheeks hurt from it. Pedro took pictures of us laughing and took a video capture of us talking. Haha. Fun, fun.

Then we went to the movie theater and bought tickets to watch The Breakup. We had about an hour to go so we walked the stairs all the way to the top of the parking lot and started taking silly pictures and whatnot. :] Fun!! By the time we went back down I was literally in pain from laughing. We all had cramps in random places from laughing.

The group and I went into the movie theater a bit early and we kept on laughing, taking pictures and interestingly enough, jumping down seats. Haha. Hm, and I actually enjoyed the movie very much. The ending was very realistic. Watch it, watch it!

Bonfires on both the 30th and the 1st. The 30th bonfire – a looot of people are going, so I don’t know if I want to go. But the one on the 1st only my group of 6 and the three guys, Nick and Fidel and Wesley, are going. Ours is more personal and it’ll be much more comfortable. ^_^;

I’m going to The Gatsbys American Dream concert tomorrow! I’m excited. And possibly, David and I are going to Vans Warped Tour together. I hope we go~! This summer sounds like fun and it’s only just barely started. <3

4 thoughts on “Summer, baby!

  1. sounded like funn ^___^
    heheh… people in my school bring an xbox and skip class to play it in an empty classroom @_@
    i didn’t like the breakup T^T; it got so boring that my friend and i started counting the number of chairs with butt dents because of vince’s errr…. weight >__>

    there’s a warped tour in canada too =0

  2. So there I was. Reading your thing. And then I said ???!!!? (translation=I’m mentioned multiple times).

    I was going to write more, but I got lazy.

  3. i love your layout on here…
    and on your old site.
    i’ll update your URL asap =]

    hehe. wow some of your fonts are really itsy bitsy… good thing your posts arent lol.

    your gonna be a senior?? then your gonna go college then start the rest of your life… i’ll only be a junior.. but it’ll come really soon. the years are just gonna go by faster and faster.

    sounds like your having fun
    take careee

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