DayJune 29, 2006

A week of fun!

The Gatsbys American Dream concert was ever so much fun! I took one of my twins, Victoria Lee. :] The concert was at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. In all, four bands played: This Providence, My American Heart, Waking Ashland, and finally, Gatsbys American Dream. Oh wow! I’m in LOVE with Ricky from My American Heart; he’s sooo gorgeous. Ricky replaced Jeremy, who left the band not too long ago. I forgot my digi-cam in the car, so I didn’t take any pictures. *sigh* Oh wells. However, I was RIGHT IN THE FRONT. Like, standing right in front of the stage in the center. Nic sang to me! [Nic is the vocalist from Gatsbys] He has so much energy and he never stopped dancing! Anyway, he pushed the other people away and he started singing to me. It was the loveliest thing ever. ;]

Ah, that same day [Monday] Jackie and I hung out. We watched a movie at her house and ate the junk food that I brought over. 😀 Afterwards we went to the mall and then to Downey Landing. We took looots of pictures. Haha. Yes, we’re a tad vain. Fun, fun!

I think I was bored on Tuesday. I recall playing video games with my brother. It was a slow day. Lol. Oh, in the afternoon, David and I walked to Subway. He met mi madre and stuff. :] That night, mom, bro, and I rented movies and videogames.

On Wednesday morning I played videogames again. I played Silent Hill 4: The Room. Of course, I’m such a scaredy cat, so my nerves only allowed me to play for 30 minutes. Haha. At 3pm I went ice-skating with Sarah and some guy. It was looots of fun, except I cut my skin even though I tucked my jeans. :\ It burns! That night, Favio, Chris, and I went to the mall so that I could turn in applications for a job. And we ate pizza at the mall, too. As I was eating, I ran into Brittany Davis, and she was also applying.

Today, I awoke at 6:40 am and got ready for David to pick me up so we could go to school and pick up that nice little green paper that will allow us to work. Afterwards, we went back to his house and I ate a lil` bag of cereal. lol. Then we walked to Subway to turn in our job applications. Miraculously, they hired us right on the spot. I think David and I were in SHOCK. We began “training” or rather, we worked for 4 hours. It was so exciting. He and I kept making jokes about how we’re working people now. Lmfao. We also made “after work” jokes and whatnot. As soon as I got home I told my mom, “I’m tired and I just got home from work. Why can’t you make me food for once?” LOLOL. That’s what SHE says when she gets home, but my mom works for 12 hours a day at Kaiser Permanente so it doesn’t really compare, but it was fun saying it.

Absolutely everyone called me; my uncle, and all my aunts called to congratulate me on finally getting a job, and they wished me luck and blah blah blah. Hahah, and then my mom took a picture of David and I in our uniforms. She told me she was going to email it to everyone. *groans* It’s hilarious, though. We made the “westside” sign to represent “working people.” xD When my mom dropped David off we said, “Bye, coworker.” Zomg. It’s hilarious. Moneyyy! Lolol. David’s goal is to buy a Mac. His mom is giving him some money so by summer’s end he’ll be able to buy it.

Reminds me, my mom is giving me $1000. If I DO save my money, I could buy one, too. But iono… lol. I rather spend it. hahaha. Oh wow. xD; And in about three weeks my mom, brother, and I are going to Hawaii.

I have a bonfire to attend tomorrow and on Saturday. Exhibit W. LOL. Fidel makes me laugh; he’s my newly/recently acquired twin, too. – – – – – – makes me blush. ;] Majorcrushtime<3. But it’s going to be a fun failure. I sense it, I sense it. Oh, and I have a feeling I’m going to miss AnimeExpo this year. :x! I need to move the rest of my stuff from Alhambra to Downey on Sunday. I could go to AnimeExpo on Monday, but who knows. And then, Tuesday is the 4th of July, and I have plans to go to my aunt’s condo in Long Beach to watch the fireworks from the Queen Mary. I feel so busy, and I’m loving every minute of it.