I’ve Wasted So Much Time

Ooh, it’s been such a long time since I last updated. Updation time, then!

The bonfire was amazing. I hung out with my lovely Elizabeth, Jean, Pedro, and Wesley. (: At night we all took a stroll on the beach and took in the beautiful moon. Ack, but Elizabeth and Pedro tried leaving me alone with Wesley. Brilliant, guys. /endsarcasm. He’s too much like Eric for my taste. I’ve been thinking of Eric all night, but that’s irrelevant to the bonfire. Anyway, at around 9:30pm we burned a retired American flag and several people burned all homework assignments from the school year. Checho made a grand speech that sent shivers down my spine. It was so fun. Memorable. <3

The next day [Saturday] Elizabeth, David, Pedro, and I went ice-skating at Paramount Iceland. I got upset because Fidel and Wesley said they were going to come, but they chose to go to the movies together instead. [Lol, that sounds ghey!] Anyway, I still had fun ice-skating. That makes it twice this summer already. I must go back because I must conquer my fear of skating fast.

Afterwards, they all came to my house and we watched some episodes of Family Guy, watched music videos on the computer, and played videogames. Friends left at the same time I did; I needed to go to Alhambra to sleep over at my aunt’s because all my stuff was there, and that was at about 11pm. Very entertaining day, including a pillow fight in my bedroom. Haha.

Sunday, I packed all my stuff and brought it to my Mom’s house. Then we headed to Long Beach where my brother and I went swimming in the pool at my Aunt’s place. (: Very surprising because I haven’t swam in like … forever. It was okay, but I won’t readily do it again. Haha.

 One of the days inbetween the week Mom, Brother, and I went to go watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. I was so surprised to see Kitagawa Keiko (北川景子) in the movie!! She played a character named Reiko. She was so cute! Ah, I love her acting! The movie was great, too. It had a plot and lots of really really really awesome cars. When the movie was over it was late at night and my mother started racing back home in her Lexus. Such an exhilarating feeling to drive fast. I love the feeling of speed.

My brother got an Xbox 360. I’m pissed off, naturally. He gets absolutely everything he wants. Damn that child! Grr, but I love him too much to stay upset, but no matter. I’m going to get my own 360 soon anyway.

On Friday, Mom, Auntie Elle, Elle’s friend since high-school and her mother, and I all went to Las Vegas. We arrived rather late on Friday night and we ordered room service. On Saturday we hung out at the pool where I drank several Strawberry Virgin Margaritas. Yum~!  Then, I got my very first massage at the spa at the hotel. Zomg.  Most relaxing experience ever! It was so soothing. At first I was a little hesitant because I’d have to be completely naked, but when you’re getting the massage, it just doesn’t matter. Oh, and I totally bonded with the lady giving me the massage. Haha, she was so cool! After the massage I went into the sauna. (: At 7pm we took a limousine drive to have dinner at Circo at The Bellagio. After dinner we got on the limo again and went to The Venetian to watch Phantom of the Opera. We were in row E by the orchestra in the center~! I am proud to say that I have now seen the play twice [once in New York, and now in Las Vegas]. Oh, oh! It was so stunning. The chandelier was so gorgeous!! I loved it all over again. The play finished at midnight at which point the limo driver took us back to the hotel and I passed out from exhaustion. The next morning we had champagne brunch at the renovated Harrah’s buffet now called Flavors. Yum, yum. From there we took a trolly to Rio and while the adults gambled I had a few shirley temples and read a magazine. ^__^; Lol.

Las Vegas inspires. Lol. Yeah, they're my legs.

Today David came over and we played DDR and Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. Then my family and I, and David, all went to Long Beach. (: He comes over so often now that he’s like part of the family. Lol.

Hm, I’m always so busy posting about what I do that I forget how I feel. I love my Livejournal for that reason; I can always express [in private] how I feel. Also, I got a new secret log elsewhere. Darkest feelings. Summer is treating me so well. ♥

Edit: Ack! I almost forgot to mention that yes, the layout is finally up! It’s very similar to the Dakishime layout, but I happen to like the style. Haha. Uhm, my sites will be up soon on Juillet-love.org. I’ve already gotten two hostees [one new, and one old]. Hostees from Dakishime – please email me!!

6 thoughts on “I’ve Wasted So Much Time

  1. I see that on the right hand column, my birthday doesn’t seem to appear. (ahem) august 6(COUGHGHG) sorry, I have something in my throat. COUGH.

    I see that summer is going great for you 🙂 You’ll like senior year — so easy.. well depending on your schedule you smartaholic-drinking sherley temple-tryin’ to look asian-hispansian. lol I like your recent layouts — the COLORS! 🙂 They blend so well, and let me tell you… you’re artistic abilities have grown (except for the emotional-take-pics-of-me-in-a-corner look). lol j/k Nonetheless, I like!

    As for moi, I hope to go to the Philippines.. 🙁 but that may not be for sure.. I’m leaving on aug. 7th! jeez.. I hope it’s for real. 😛

    Well, I’ll see your ass another day.. maybe we’ll hang out when I’m a COLLEGE STUDENT you SMALL SENIOR. HAR HAR HAR HAR muahahahaa…

    Much Love 🙂

  2. Ahh, fixed the comments page, I see.
    I think a certain somebody deserves a little reward~ xDDD

    And yes, this layout does remind me of the one you have on Dakishime, but they’re both equally pretty!

    Don’t you think we should trade places? You know, with you and your exciting summer, and I, with BIOLOGY. It’s one of those tantalizing offers you can’t miss! ;p

  3. Wow I’m jealous your bother got an XBOX 360! I think he should have saved his money for the new PS 3 that’s coming out by the end of this year.

    The layout is really cute I like the color schemes =]

    I haven’t played DDR in a long time. Acutally i can’t anymore because my I lended my friend that pad and she broke it >.

  4. Wah, cute layout. I like it too like I liked the one on DakishimeNET. =D

    Family Guy is hilarious. I haven’t seen it for quite some time now. Pillow fights are awesomely fun. Haha. David seems to be joining you quite a lot. It’s great that your family allows guy friends to come over lots unlike mine. xD

    Oh yesh, you sure do move a lot. I enjoyed that movie. =D She is cute. So was that other girl. Wah, you went to many places.

    DDR is super fun.

  5. Sounds like you so much fun. Bonfires and ice skating are the best! I’ve never had a proper massage before. Jealous~

    I didn’t get the chance to say this before but I love both of the new domain names and this layout is way pretty. :DD

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