Hold Your Head High

On Wednesday, July 12th, I went to Vans Warped Tour with my friend Diana, whom I haven’t seen since the end of 8th grade! I actually purchased my ticket the day before, too. I really wanted to go to Warped Tour, but I wasn’t going to go by myself. As chance would have it, I got on Myspace and Diana had posted a bulletin asking who was going. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to meet her there. 🙂 I asked my Mommie Dearest [btw, that movie scares me] to take me to Tower Records so I could quickly run in and buy my ticket. Thank goodness I had cash at hand then.

01411_1.jpgAnyway, I met My American Heart!! ♥ Oh, Rick is gorgeous. I saw them nine days prior (Monday, July 3rd) at The Knitting Factory, and I fell in love with them, particularly Rick. Funny story about Rick, too. MAH’s guitarist left the band to pursue other interests so Rick’s been filling in for a while now. Before they performed I went to their tent and I mentioned to Dustin that I saw them with Gatsbys American Dream, and Rick happened to be standing next to him. So then I turned to Rick and I told him that I loved him. Gawd, I love the way he dances/moves when he’s on stage. Ah, and he smiled at me. Mkies, so then they signed my CD cover~! They performed at 3:25 at The Ernie Ball Stage. I ran over there and made my way to the very front. 🙂 They’re soooo good live. Larry is great on the vocals, and there is just so much energy! When they were done performing Rick was still on the stage picking up his equipment and I could not resist the urge to yell out, “Rick! I love you!!” Bwuahaha! :> He turned around, looked at me, and said, “Aw, thanks!” and THEN -drumroll- he made a heart with his hands to me. *cue me melting here* I always do that heart thing… and he did it to me! Super cute, or super cute?! I KNOW! Anyway, at 5pm they were having a signing. 🙂 At 4:45 I quickly went over there and there was already a line. Mkies, yannoe how I said Rick isn’t officially in the band? So at the signing he wasn’t there in the front with the other 4 guys. He was sitting at the back of the tent, barely visible. So anyway, I asked Larry if the guys could finish signing my CD [‘cus Rick and Dustin already had]. So of course they do and right as I’m going to take a picture with them, guess who rushes next to me?! RICK!! Yesyesyesyes. *fangirl scream* Larry says, “Hey Rick, what are you doing? You’re getting right in the middle of the picture.” He apologizes, but he rubs his hand up and down my arm and smiles at me. So we take the picture, with the wind in my hair [arghhh!], but I’m bursting of happiness on the inside. 🙂 He totally made my day more than I thought anyone else could have. ;] Oh, he’s so gorgeous. As soon as I get my gallery transferred from Dakishime.Net to Juillet-love.org, the pictures WILL be up~. ♥

Ah, I also saw Eighteen Visions, Underoath, The Academy Is…, Armor For Sleep, NOFX, and a few other bands. I was at the veryyyy front for Armor For Sleep. I could barely breathe and it was beyond hot, but I did it. 🙂 Fun, fun, funnn! Bwuahaha. Warped Tour was fuhreaking amazing. I cannot wait to go again next year. Lesson learned: wear sunblock. :3 I completely forgot and my skin peeled a few days after. Eww. My skin has never done THAT before. Haha.

On Sunday, Mom, Brother, and I went allllll 125 miles to Santa Barbara to body surf. See, our plans were just to go to Venice Beach, but it looked crowded and my brother and I are shy… sooo we made our mom drive to the next beach, and the next and the next, and so on. Bwuahaha! >:] We were going to stop at Zuma beach, but the parking lot was FULL. :o! So we just kept on driving. We stopped at Hueneme beach for like 10 mins and then kept driving. 🙂 It was quite adventurous and exciting! The waves at Santa Barbara were calm at first and then WHOOSH! they got nice. I love body surfing! Pictures coming to my gallery soon, promise~!

Hm, other than that, I’ve been working and having fun. Lol. Any day I’m not working, I’m usually out of town and doing random super exciting things. Ah, and Ivonne, a co-worker [feels funny saying co-worker] looked sunburnt when I saw her. I said, “You look tanned! Hm, I went to Warped Tour…” and she replies, “OMG! Me too!” 😉 She had the Warped Tour tan/peel just like I did. Haha. I feel like I’m living an exciting life right now. Ah, the greatness.

Please ignore the private entry below. I needed to discuss some EMOTION with myself. Lols. ;]

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