Lost Be The Lost

On Wednesday my mother had a meeting after work so she had to stay there until 9:30pm. When she arrived home brother and I let her rest for a while and then we made cute faces to convince her to take us to Starbucks… at 11pm. Bad idea, maybe. When my brother and I got home we were so hyper and whatnot. So my brother and I watched V for Vendetta [third time in less than 7 days… geez] and then we watched The Breakfast Club. By that time it was 3am-ish. I got back on my computer for a while and my brother wanted to sleep with me in my bed. But goodness, the child could not stop speaking!! He was high as a kite on caffeine, swear. So at 4am he claimed he was hungry. x_o; I made Ramen for the both of us, and Boba Milk Tea without the boba. xD; We finally got to sleep at 4:30am after I kept complaining and telling him to shut up.

I awoke at 6:30am to the sound of my mom’s cellphone ringing. Family from Guatemala were calling her at that time. Time zones mix people up, badly. I managed to fall into a light slumber once more only to be awoken once more by the door bell at 8am. Mom wants to remodel the bathroom so they came on that particular morning to do all the planning. I heard every word and I was not able to sleep again.

From there, we went to a textile store and bought marble for the floor and walls of the bathroom in a pretty beige-ish color. Favio, my ex-step-dad, invited us to breakfast so we went and ate, etc. At 4:30pm, I went to work.

That night, Thursday, Mom, brother, and I went to the movies at 9pm, after I was off work. I finally got to watch Superman; my brother had already seen it so my mom hadn’t wanted to take me, but we convinced her. She liked it more than I did. The movie did not particularly interest me simply because there was hardly any dialogue between Lex Luther and Superman. The action was also minimal and yet again, Lois didn’t fail to piss me off. Unless, you know, you like watching characters in love suffering, never get over their love, and end up miserable. Yeah, it’s not so pleasant to watch.

Friday morning, my mom picked up David and we went to the school to drop off some books, but unfortunately the offices are closed on Fridays. So, David went to the library and then we went to have breakfast at Marie Callendar’s. We got back home and I used the computer for a looong while. It was fun, considering the fact I’m never home anymore. I went to work and got out at 12am. Long day, I know. But it’s totally cool, I don’t mind.

This morning, the men started construction so my Auntie Meme came to pick me and my brother up. We took all our clothes and got ready at her place. We watched the last bit of Titantic, then headed to the movies. We watched Step Up. I loved it!! The dancing was nice~ In the beginning when scenes of ballet dancers were going by, my heart started beating really quickly and I got excited. I miss dancing! Eh, but then I’m also kind of over it. Hah, needless to say, it’s a nice movie. Go watch it!

By the time we got back to Meme’s place, it was already 5pm. We watched the first DVD of Rose Red, but I was falling asleep from exhaustion. My mom had arrived sometime inbetween the first half of the first DVD and so at 8pm we drove back home. I feel terribly like sleeping right now, but ehh, why sleep? Haha, I’m damaging myself!

Movie line from Ultra violet:
Ultraviolet asks the boy, “Are you damaged?!”

Anyyyway, I watch too many movies. I went to the movie theater twice this week and three times last week. x_o; New form of entertainment anyone? I’ll take any suggestions, although I fancy watching movies. XD;

As the new school year approaches, I’m starting to get worried. I have two novels and a play to read as well as three assignments. Time is running out. Ack, it’s time to get down to business. I cannot believe I’m going to have 5 AP classes next year. I might as well sign my deathwish. It’s going to be so … tough. The things I do… pfft.

So give me all your poison
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts
And make me ill

14 thoughts on “Lost Be The Lost

  1. *pokes* I’m taking five APs too. We can understand each other’s pain next year. 😀

    UC Berkeley is Asiantown embodied in one school! At least that’s what my cousin told me. XDD Mang, California is too far for me to go to school.

  2. awww! how cute! how old is your brother? little brothers are an annoying bunch (and i speak from experience).

    is it really? step up’s been getting waay too much hype, that’s why i was kinda unsure if it would be good. what was that other dancing movie? honey? now, that was crap. xD but then, a lot of people watch those type of movies just for the dancing anyway, which they try to imitate. ugh. my friend’s trying to get me to join the hip-hop dance club at ucr (and i dont want to cuz i have 2 left feet T.T)

    buahahaha! 5 ap classes?! sorry to say, you’re gonna die a slow and painful death. and i’m an optimistic realist. xP i only took 2 and they were already more than enough. ap’s are stupid cuz the classes only train students on how to take the test rather than the subject material. (i absolutely ABHOR collegeboard) but, GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. You movie whore!!! ^___^
    Being English, we don’t have AP classes but by the sounds of it I need to wish you good luck!
    You sure your little bro wasn’t on drugs or somthing? He sounds pretty crazy =)

  4. I remember when me and my brother used to share a room. He talked too much too haha.

    You sure do watch a lot of movies lol. I love Rose Red! I should watch it again, but it’s so long!

  5. thanks for the tips 🙂 i used the replace for my css, but there were only a few images not transfered so i had to search my site for them.
    you use php?

    I saw ultraviolet too, I wasn’t crazy about it, but I thought a lot of the lines were good.

  6. Are you sure you watch too many movies? 😛 I’ve watched 91 so far this year, that’s pretty hard…

    I’m also looking forward to see Superman in the theater next week – I used to adore the old movies with Christopher Lee, so naturally I’m very curious what they made of the new one. And Kevin Spacey is an awesome actor 😉

  7. hey thanks for commenting on my site. Also i love your layout it looks simple. Although it may look simple but it probably isnt. I like it anyways. Lots of love.

  8. Oh I so love this new layout! 🙂 You do watch way too many movies. 😛 I loved V for Vendetta also and have no desire to see Superman. Cheers to you on functioning without much sleep! I would have passed out. But…I’m sleep-spoiled so I can’t really help it. If I don’t get my 8 hours…morning just doesn’t happen. 🙂 Good thing your bathroom remodeling is at least happening. We still have a big room with nothing but a wood floor and sheet rock. It’s been that way for a year! But do’t worry…we have two bathrooms so it’s not like I stink or anything like that. 😛

  9. Starbucks coffee always make me hyper, lol. I don’t really know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I don’t really care. Starbucks frappucino are love, I can’t get enough of them. Hmmm. Now I’m hungry, lol.

    I’m not taking AP classes, we’re in the International Baccalaureate thing and we take IB classes to get the diploma and graduate and everything. It’s a huge deal, because if you mess it up, you’ll probably hide your face in shame for the rest of your life.

    Okay, I’m exggerating, but it’s pretty close to that, lol.

  10. i don’t drink coffee, but only cause i’m way too wired already o_O. i don’t really think that that’s a good think. but meh.

    you got your bathroom remodeled? that’s really cool, does it look nice now? i bugged my mum into letting me repaint mine this summer, now it’s a greenish blue kinda color. the floor is black tiles.

    good luck with the aps! i’m only going into grade ten in september. so no aps for me. although i want to take alot of aps in grade twelve though. it looks good on your record.

    i really want to watch all those movies you mentioned. especially step up, i’m glad to hear that it’s good. i hate when movies suck cause all the best parts are in the previews x_x.

  11. Hey Love, (haha)

    I actually took the effort today to try to read everything! Aren’t you proud of me? ^_^ I know you would be really happy if I did, so here I am. Wow, sounds like you have a lot of things going on. O_O Always a busy person with many things to do, aren’t you? ^_^ Well, at least you can never really say that you didn’t do anything and that you were bored; unlike me….hahaha. Well, just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I read [i]most[/i] if not all of your entry. hahaha, don’t worry, there’ll be a day when I read all of it ^_^ Right now I’m taking baby steps. hahaha.

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