DayAugust 20, 2006


Haha, I haven’t updated in 7 days. I ought to be ashamed! Okok, so on Monday of last week [14th] was Registration for school. I got my schedule and it’s completely messed up.


German III
AP English
AP Economics
Drama I
Honors Physics
AP Statistics

First off, AP Biology, AP Chemistry and German III are all first period so it’s between one of those three. I need to consider which class is more important to me. I don’t particularly like German seeing as it’s not a Romance language nor an Asian language. I fear taking AP Bio again, but I should probably try it out again. There will be a different teacher this coming school year so that’s a relief. Hm, and as for AP Chem, I heard that none of the kids passed the AP Chem exam. Mr. Jamka is a great guy, but he isn’t the best of teachers. :\ And… drama?! I want to take Photography, not drama. Mark got photo and he doesn’t want it so I’ve made up my mind to take his spot in photo 6th period. That means AP Stats needs to go to some other period. Ack, and Honors Physics?! What do I need to know about physics? I certainly don’t want to put more meaningless material into my brain. In my opinion, physics has nothing to do with medical school. Pfft.

Anyway, I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but for second semester of Junior year, my GPA is now officially 4.67. I received a 4 on both the AP Psych and APUSH exams. They’re certainly not 5s, but they’re better than 3s. 😀 So, I’m happy!!

Urgh, and as it is, friends and I have already begun thinking about colleges. Our motto is basically, “Wherever we get accepted … any UC.” xD; Okok, so we want to go to any UC just for the UC title, but can you blame us? Hm, and there are 8 medical schools in California. I might not get accepted into any of those schools initially, which is OK, but so long as they let me transfer in a few years, then I’ll be happy. Grr. My SAT scores are loooow. Like low low. Like 1750 low. And let’s not talk about SAT II. *shudders* Yeah, I’m taking SAT I again, for the third time. Talk about depressing. Hm. 🙁

I went to Registration with David and we ran into into Piale, Eleni, Amanda, Fidel, Wesley, Vy, and Elizabeth. 🙂 Haha, it was strange running into my male counterpart, Fidel. He saw Vy and asked her where I was. Lolol, and Wesley has a car now. It’s so funny to see people after an entire summer of … not. 😀 Fidel called me to see if I wanted to hang out, but I was busy. ^_^;;

That night Mom, Step-dad, brother, and I ate dinner at some Mexican place [we eat out for every meal, swear – so I can’t keep track of names]. After we went to go watch the movies, Pulse. YES! Another movie. Shoot me because I love movies. Haha.

My brother begun fifth grade on Wednesday so I had to wake up super early to walk him there. It’s literally two blocks away, but my mom likes to over-worry about him. At 2:10, I picked him up and lalala. I’m sure we went to dinner somewhere…

The construction on the bathroom is completely finished and it looks really nice. 🙂 Now, my mom is putting marble flooring in every room, including mine even though it barely got wood flooring 2 months ago. Haha, my mom is so indecisive. Hilarious.

Thursday night I went to Jamba Juice, my brother went to Coldstone, and my mother had dinner at Rubio’s – all at The Downey Landing. Ugh, I hate small cities. The convenience of it all irks me. I like to go places and not find plazas with everything… although! Downey Landing has a Best Buy so I like it. xD

That night, Elizabeth and I were IMing each other and she wanted to go shopping the next day and she wanted me to come with. :] So I did!

08182006_001__1.jpgI woke up that morning and got ready for a day of shopping. Elizabeth and I went to the Lakewood Mall. She likes shopping at Forever 21 so we went in there first. She found a nice thin hoodie that she liked. Lol, and then she came up with the idea to dress the same on the first day of school. Haha, so then I bought one exactly like hers. 08182006_002__1.jpgWe already have beige-ish tanks to wear underneath, too. XD ROFLMFAO. It’s so middle-school, but it’s super cute! I love the idea. A bit later we went into one of my favorite stores – American Eagle. 😀 I was wearing jeans, a tank, and a hoodie from AE on that particular day so it was amusing to walk in there with her. She wanted another hoodie – like mine, so she got one just like it~ And, we’re wearing those on the second day of school. xD After all, Elizabeth is my “lover” or so we like to call ourselves. Haha. It’s really cute! As time progressed our shopping-weary bodies got thirsty and I treated her to a smoothie at a place she recommended. Ooh, it was delicious!!

08182006_005__1.jpgAfter we went back to her house and we were lying down in her bed together. Rofl. She decided to braid my hair for some strange reason and we talked on and on and on… etc. :] Some time at 7pm I ate dinner with her family. It was so strange because my family never eats together nor at our table. We always eat at restaurants or fast-food. Hahaha. It was interesting, though! And her dad is so funny. XD;

My mom came to pick me up later and then we went to dinner at Rubio’s [again] with Step-dad and brother. However, we ran into my step-dad’s sister and her husband. Hm, my mother used to be reallllly close to them, but ehh they drifted apart or something. It was awkward, to say the least. I kind of just sat there watching them all eat and groaning in my head at how awkward it was to run into them. They invited us to their house a few blocks away. They pretty much annoyed me because of the way they were speaking. “We’ve had parties here every Saturday since we moved in. We had 75 people in here, didn’t we?” Grr… we used to get invited to their parties every weekend, but then my mom got annoyed at them and we broke off our ties, but geez they did not need to rub it in. x.o; Eh, and my step-cousin Jonathan came a bit after. I hadn’t seen him since graduation. He looks buffer or something. Lols.

Yesterday night we went to my Uncle George’s house for a really random and also rather fancy dinner party. To sum it up, since this is getting super long, the food was completely home-made [even the blueberry mix in the sundae for dessert], the adults [I was the only non-adult there … but I’m old enough xD] got super drunk from drinking Cosmopolitans and er… they started singing karaoke. XD It was entertaining. We slept over because mom wasn’t sober enough.

Ah, and today – finally a slow day!! Well… I work in an hour but that doesn’t count, ‘cus it fun. xD! Yeahhh… hm, I’m going to have to blog about something else pretty soon. It’s killing me inside. Ackk. Overwhelming. Also, new layout at, but I hate itttt. New layout tomorrow, promise. OH oh!! I’m getting my braces removed tomorrow. 😀