Strangely Exciting

What is it like to say something that means nothing to anyone at all? It’s like staring at the computer monitor talking to people hundreds of miles away telling stories that do not pertain to them. Does anyone ever really care?

Picture_78_1_1.jpgMy best friend Justine and I finally got a chance to hang out on Monday after several months of not seeing each other. It was wonderful; we got right back into talking and it was as though we had seen each other the day prior. There were no awkward, “So what’s been going on….?” moments because we don’t need to ask. We just kept on talking almost about everything, but it was strangely nothing… we talked about future plans, random topics, etc. There was no mention of what we’d been up to because that would only serve as a reminder that, HEY! we haven’t seen each other since March.

I helped her begin the process of re-organizing her bedroom. She showed me some of her new drawings, which are gorgeous! I saw an emotion she’d never expressed before, in a drawing, and I was OK with her maturing and outgrowing the whole, “The world consists of rainbows and butterflies” stage. Later on we bought a hell of a lot of fast food at Jack In The Box and then went to the Glendale Galleria. I got her to shop at American Eagle and Anchor Blue! People seem to accept my clothes of choice. She was really happy with all the clothes she bought, and naturally I bought tons o’ stuff, too. I’m officially a mall junkie. Hah, but that’s alright. We left the mall at 8pm, excited about our purchases and exhausted from walking all over the place. 😀

Nothing really happened this week! :O! Unless I count the conversation I had with Oregon, and the many exciting conversations with Rob&Ryan. 😀 Haha. I’ll show the many faces of Bri [me], though.

My very un-emo normal looking face.

Wanna-be shmexxie/emo face. x_o; I don’t even recall taking this picture until I saw it yesterday. Haha, but it makes me laugh much. It’s so wannabe! Hah, anyway.

The VMAs were yesterday and!! OMG. My Chemical Romance performed the song, “Welcome to the Black Parade” from their new upcoming album The Black Parade during the pre-show. MCR equals ♥!! I cannot wait for the album to come out. VMAs were alright. Highlights: Pink making a sick face when she found out she won and making the gheyest white girl voice when she accepted it, and The All-American Rejects vocalist being drunk when he received his award, Al Gore saying, “I heard Timberlake was ‘Bringing sexy back’ so here I am!”, Jack Black♥, Jared Leto♥, 30 Seconds to Mars♥, AFI♥, and that one lady saying Paris Hilton is fat and making jokes about Lance Bass. xD; It was so entertaining.

In other news, today is my Auntie Maggie’s 5 year anniversary of being married and she invited the whole family to dinner at her house. 🙂 Yey! Ack, and I go back to school on the 6th. I’m afraid. >_>

One day I’ll write everything I’ve always meant to say.

11 thoughts on “Strangely Exciting

  1. Hey Bri!

    I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I’m Laura from VBB. Occassionally I would read your blog, but I never did comment, so I finally decided that I will! Hope you don’t mind. ^-^;;

    The first paragraph of your blog, what do you mean by that? Are you referring to your blog? Well, okay, so fine, maybe I may not know who your friends are, but your blog and what you say makes a ton of difference! I enjoy reading your blog.

    I am glad that you were able to hang out with your friend Justine! I haven’t seen my friends since graduation (I know it hasn’t been as long as the separation between you and Justine) and I miss them oh so much!

    I DO love American Eagle’s clothing! I like the jeans. I’m short (5’1″) and the jean length matches without having me fold the jeans! BUT, the jeans aren’t just “Low Rise”, they’re “ULTRA Low Rise”. x___X I have to lift my jeans up so often! I resulted in buying boxers. xD

    Awww, I missed the VMAs yesterday! I was at a Rivercats (baseball) game! >___

  2. (sorry, comment was cut)

    Did you ever make that music video with your friends?

    Oh! Happy 5th anniversary, Bri’s auntie!! =DDD

    Bri, I love looking at your pictures (not a crazy stalker-ish way), but you are oh so cute. Honestly. You’re very pretty. Cute. You name it! You kind of remind me of Jojo (that 15 year old singer). I hope you don’t take offense to that.

  3. Aww, that’s so nice that your friend and you hung out^^ That’s really cool that you guys didn’t have any akward moments. Jealous that you went shopping – I really want (and need) to go!

  4. ooooooo, so you saw justine? wow, since march? that Was a long time ago. ^_^ glad you had tons of fun.

    i SWEAR that i read EVERYTHING this time. hahaha, its just i dont know what else to say… and the stuff with oregon and rob…eh….

  5. Deep conversations with online people really aren’t so bad. I think the balance just comes in talking to “real” people more than anyone else.

    PS I’m digging the hair.

  6. You guys must’ve been really close. Whenever I meet up with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time, there are always ackward moments… =P Ah, school. It sucks.

  7. It’s like staring at the computer monitor talking to people hundreds of miles away telling stories that do not pertain to them. Does anyone ever really care?

    Eh, it’s like free chick lit, as someone once pointed out to me. It kills time. Y’know. Crap like that.

    As far as meeting up with friends goes – it’s almost always awkward with me. I ran into an old friend of mine last night, in fact – I hadn’t seen him for about two years, and although it wasn’t awkward (he was too drunk for it to be awkward), it was weird. Very weird.

    Friendships themselves are weird, come to that. Hmm!

  8. I’m glad everything went so smoothly with Justine.. You can tell that’s a real friendship because you can pick right up where you left off! Ugh, don’t talk about shopping around me.. I’m having withdrawls already! lmao

  9. i didn’t get to see the vmas! thank god they’re going to be re-running for the next week or two 🙂 i did see though, al gore’s commnt about justin timberlake. priceless.

    It’s good you got te catch up with your friend 🙂 I have a lot of friends like that

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