Choke Back Your Tears

It’s been nine days since my last post and it’s blows me away at what can happen in nine days.

He told me, “I love you” on the phone last night. I’m speechless.

School has been amazing thus far. The days are all flying by! Homework is great, but I keep procrastinating. Most of it is fun, though. Hehe, or I’m just a dork you know?

It was my Uncle’s birthday on Saturday so we celebrated that.

David and I are best friends now. But not publicly. Hahaha, inside joke. Ah, but we’re best friends now. Ryan and I are best friends with benefits, minus the benefits. Two new best friends all in one week. I’m excited.

Elizabeth cried because of me. The day I wake up happy, I’ll be sure to tell you, promise. I love you, Elizabeth.

Eric H. came back from Marines Basic Training last week. Before he left I told him I never wanted to talk to him… and then he called me last night. I missed the man so much. I regret ever hurting him. And today he came over to visit me and he gave me a lovely little gift. Hm.

So much to say, and I’m just too exhausted to elaborate.

9 thoughts on “Choke Back Your Tears

  1. yes…. i am speechless to.. *cough cough*


    Hope you had fun at your uncle’s ^_^

    2 best friends?? wow =O what does that tell you, Love? you’re really loveable and KAWAII ^_^

    ^_^ I want you to know that I am not the only one who cares ^_^

    ooooo, glad he’s back ^_^ and glad that you can feel better about that situation… AND I wonder what he got you, hm..

  2. Perhaps the best quality of life is that it continually changes. Nine days can be anything, and those days can be only as good as we allow them to be.

    PS: I’m taking freshman bio here, which is the exact same thing as AP bio, so hey, we’re taking the same class.

  3. There has sure been a lot of things going on for you, eh? Nine days can seem like so long when you don’t blog… I feel like its been FOREVER since I last blogged.

  4. oooo what did you get??? ^____________^
    Lot’s of things have happened to you! haha~
    yeah…i can’t belive the days are flying by so quickly! I guess it’s a good thing…~

  5. School is SO overwhemling. I know. It is a lot, and I hope you are getting back in touch with everyone of whom you were away from for thre emonths.

    You have a lover? Good luck!

    I am a procrastinator too, don’t worry. But aren’t we all?

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