Dance Tonight, Tonight

I have little to nothing to say.

School has been keeping me occupied. Sleeping a lot lately. The Prestige on Friday night. I liked it! J-school on Saturday morning. Ana Gabriel concert on Saturday night at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk. I was IMing on my cell through like half the concert. Hah.

So… another week of school? Fun, fun! Time has been going by very veryyy quickly.

5 thoughts on “Dance Tonight, Tonight

    I really love your design..
    The words are so meaningful, it made me feel quite emotional looking at your beautiful layout,?
    Really meaningful do you know?
    The colors are so passionate, so delicious, love it!!!!
    take care doll
    ox dakota ox

  2. Oh my god! thank you so much for your reply, it’s really nice to see people love my blog 🙂
    You like the picture? Do you have a mobile phone that can access internet? Perhaps if so I could email her to you and you could try and get it on your phone too ?

  3. Hey Brigitte~ how is everything?? ^_________^ i love this layout…it’s very lovely~~
    yeahhhhhh time is flying by so quickly!! I’m having a hard time keeping up ;_____;
    Friday tomorrow! Time to relax and sleep~

    Take care Brigitte~!!! ::HUG::

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