Every Time I Lie Awake

Saturday: Japanese school. Birthday party for 1-year old baby Alex. Auntie Meme’s house. Lots of movies. Slept over.

Sunday: San Dimas to go to a furniture store. Circuit City. Best Buy. Got my Xbox 360. Played.

Monday: Stayed home with Mom. Breakfast in LA. Cleaned room. 🙂 Mom gave me a gold bracelet and earrings with aquamarine stones. <3 Movies. Saw 3. Gruesome, and I loved it.

Another week at school. Loss for words. Again.

And with the way you’ve been talking
Every word gets you a step closer to hell

[Edit] I forgot to add: Happy Halloween.

Hours slide and days go by.

3 thoughts on “Every Time I Lie Awake

  1. Reminds me of West Side Story:
    Today, the minutes seem like hours,
    the hours go so slowly,
    and still the sky is dark.

    I never got the point of birthday parties for really little kids. It just seems like an excuse for adults to get together.

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