Missing Frames

I wrote this a few months ago. For some reason I deny the fact that they’re words of meaning (to me) and are just plain words of fiction.

“This is an unexpected turn of events. I feel like speaking out and expressing so much that has been supressed for so long. These aren’t my words; it’s too quiet here. My name doesn’t matter and age is a stereotype. You will learn about me through my reactions, otherwise known as my biased written words; anything I say could be a string of lies, but I ask you this: have I any reason to lie?

“Will you read my like a book, read through the lines, or take everything at face value? Figure me out like a puzzle. I’ll certainly give you the pieces. I dare you to try.”

I have nothing more to say or add to that. Too much time has passed to explain why ever I wrote that.

Your eyes still try to search for mine, but I look away.

10 thoughts on “Missing Frames

  1. It is a insightful ditty. This explains some situations I have come to face in the past. Sometimes it is so frustrating.

    Oh, I love the Ayashi no Ceres layout with Aya and Tooya. I have that series on DVD and the other popular Yu Watase series, Fushigi Yuugi. 🙂 I am a big anime freak…lol.

  2. Wow, thats very nice… I can really relate to that. “Will you read my like a book, read through the lines, or take everything at face value? Figure me out like a puzzle. I’ll certainly give you the pieces. I dare you to try.” is just BEAUTIFUL.

  3. I won’t be surprised if I were ever to see a book written by you that was on a best seller’s list or taught in a Lit class.

    Dell! I haven’t talked to you in a very long time. I’ve been going to college..it’s not so bad. It’s more like the workings of a clock–everything seems mechanic. I do the same thing every other day depending on which classes I may take. After months of figuring what major I want to take (believe me, I went through many), I’ve finally decided to take on what I’ve always wanted: International Business. I hope this major lasts this time.

    As for a social life, I’m not really into that. No parties.. no typical college life. It’s probably because I haven’t been to my school’s parties… or would even want to. It’s really pretty much.. quiet around here. lol Classes are good.. and it’s great you’re taking those AP classes. 🙂 Helps out a lot. After this place, I’m thinking of CSULA or Berkeley.. depends on whether Intl. Bus. is right for me. That reminds me, I’m going to go check out what classes I need to take since I’ve changed my mind on my major again. lol

    I know I’ve been blabbing.. but.. just wanted to give you an update and hopefully get one from you too. 🙂 – Line deleted by Bri ;] – B/c if something did, he must have a death wish. lol 🙂 hehe.. some light humor from your old friend.

    All right, I’ll go and hopefully hear from you.

  4. sorry for the late comment.. the site was down and everytime i pressed submit, it wouldnt.. bleh.. so now that it’s working..
    “Will you read my like a book”
    Did you mean “Will you like to read my book?”

  5. You, dear girl, are an exceptionally good writer. Those words blew me away … it, of course, means that I really liked it. =) I know I can relate to that.

    I miss you, Brigitte.

  6. Effing lame. I forgot the heart does NOT work! What I originally put was:

    I miss you, Brigitte. ♥ Loserface. Next time I go to California, we are going to hang out. No. Questions. About. It. =]

    And I forgot to add a long time ago: you have the cutest voice I have ever heard and I love it! haha. Just thought you should know. 😀

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