Empty Glasses

Half Empty, Half Full, I never got a glass.

This was definitely a homework-filled week. I didn’t get very much sleep the whole week. At 9pm last night I went to go bother my little brother and within 10 minutes we fell asleep together! I woke up at 4am to remove my contacts and then I rushed back to sleep with him again. ^_^

I once said, “I am not profound” on a blog entry as my last sentence, but sometimes I want to take that back. A certain something in me yearns to philosophize. In AP Eng a student asked, “What does it take to be called a philosopher?” We started joking that all it takes is for someone to sit on their couch and just THINK. Or, “try majoring in philosophy. You won’t get paid for anything, but you can still get called a philosopher.” Of course all it takes is profound thinking and publishing your thoughts about the meaning of life. Hah, no easy task right?

Are you bulletproof?

School has taken its toll these last three years. As my last year nears I just want to stop trying. Haha, I’m trying to find “smart” ways of excusing my senioritis, but there aren’t any. Unless! I begin to question the entire purpose of trying so hard in the first place. Albert Camus said, “An achievement is a bondage. It obliges one to a higher achievement.” In this current lethargic state, I wholly concur.

The talks with my love, Eric, just get better and better. Together, we have amazing conversations. I just love that man. Patience, patience. Something. ♥ ♥ ♥

And I’ll tell you I love you (I’ll take it again)
(Just give me the chance, I’ll take it again)
Say it again

You’ve become a part of me.

8 thoughts on “Empty Glasses

  1. I agree with Mr. Camus as well. I sometimes feel the same way about school, but the one thing that keeps me going is the overall achievement. I love looking at the good grades at the end of the year knowing that I earned them. It’s corny, I know, it’s simply how I get through school.

  2. Sorry ’bout skipping out yesterday. Anyway, just look at it this way. You have to make it through the semester before you can do any slacking so you might as well follow through with everything.

  3. I keep going with school because I know if I drop out it will be a huge mistake.
    I mean… what do drop outs end up doing for their entire life??
    I probably won’t be doing much better, but you know.

  4. I think there’s a philosopher in all of us, the degree to which we philosophize might vary though and of course it’s all at a personal level. The professional ones out there are just a tab bit more patient and willing.

    I didn’t try hard enough in school or in undergrad and I wish I could go back and try again. Unlike you, I am thinking, where was my motivation then?

  5. I think anyone can call themselves a philosopher, if you just think about the meaning of life and develop a theroy about that you can hit the history books man! I’m currently taking a course at university that’s called examen philosophicum. History of the philosophers and what they stood for, I think most of it is just crap though =P

  6. Lovely! I think you really would be a successful psychiatrist. Or philosopher.
    Well I don’t really know what it takes to be a philosopher. Most philosophers need experiance so they know what to say when people ask questions. =P
    I totally AGREE with Mr. Camus. =D

  7. Anyone can philosophise, but it takes a great human being to be a true pholosopher. I think greatness is what you make of it. If you want to be remembered and known for your knowledge. I’d love to be in school again, I always enjoyed it. Make your life great, finish your year, graduate and make your life the very best it can be.

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