Underneath This Smile

Staying on the phone until 3am with the man you love is the best experience ever. ♥ I remember every word you said.

Extended metaphors are fun. It dawned on me yesterday after AP English. My conclusion was written by the end of lunch, and I rather like it. Brian Han congratulated me after class today (because we read our conclusions aloud). Han is the coolest kid around. :] He always pats my head when he sees me. I feel like his little sister. He’s so awesome!!

On Friday, I went to Downtown Disney for dinner at Rainforest. It was delicious, AND I got the cutest light-up cup ever. Looking into the cup as I drank felt like I was either looking at club lights or having a seizure. We walked around quite a bit. I got 3 Sephora lipglosses, and Mom and I got matching jackets. Haha. Admit it, it’s cool.

J-school, on Saturday, was fun. We had a test on chapter 2 and I think I did very well. I stayed up until 2am (Saturday morning) studying so the material on the test was a breeze. I made so many flashcards for phrases we need to know. I just hope I keep practicing because I have a terrible memory. Heh.

This entry is boring. Who am I?

5 thoughts on “Underneath This Smile

  1. A seizure or club lights? Eh, I can see where you’re coming from. Those damn blinkers at the clubs always make me dizzy and I start to see spots after just a few minutes. I probably would have choked on the drink as I looked at the lights because I can’t multi-task very well. =D

    I must commend you. You can spice up a boring entry in just three words. That’s talent right there. Now, not only are you pondering your existence, but I find myself contemplating my own.

    I’m going to shut up now. =x

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