DayNovember 25, 2006

Remember To Feel Real

I stood there anticipating his arrival with a smile on my face. He walked toward me with the cutest pink shirt that did well to flatter his gorgeous, soft lips. The first hug felt awkward because I wasn’t entirely sure he wanted a hug, so soon. In the car I could scarcely focus on the lights and sights. His lips were tempting, but his hand intertwined with mine sufficed for a while. We had dinner at The Yardhouse where I amusingly ordered for him. Ah, I like to order for people.

The next day we went to Disneyland. Tiring. But so worth it.

Thanksgiving was rather interesting. We sat outside and star-gazed for a long while. It was fun pointing at stars we could only faintly see. Despite the cold air, he kept me rather warm and content. Dinner was delicious. I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was nice and well, too.

Friday we spent the time together, doing nothing together. I enjoyed it very much. Elizabeth came over for a little while before we left to drop him off at the airport. A nice, brief goodbye. I liked that best. It was by no means definite.

And life goes on.