DayDecember 1, 2006


December 1. College applications for UCs are all turned in. Jackie’s b-day. Day before I take a few more SAT IIs. Friday.

The entire week I’ve been more apathetic than ever I have been before. Simply, I don’t give a damn. About anything. If I prayed, I would pray to die in my sleep. Oh but this sounds entirely too morbid, and that’s never been my style. Oh, like it’s a statement. What am I talking about?! I feel slightly delusional. Why must I be so miserable? The reason lies undefined.

I took it upon myself to bake cookies twice this week. Cooking is rather enjoyable, I find. I made my little brother breakfast and dinner on Wednesday. The only problem with me cooking is that I don’t like to eat what I make; I prefer watching others enjoy it. This leaves me a little food-less, but I don’t want to stop cooking. I’ve always been more of a baker, though.

Calamity. That’s one of my favorite words. I wonder why. *scoffs*

Hm, he’s gone. Navy basic training. I want letters, soon. ♥ Letter-writing used to be so romantic. Now, we have email. What happened to this world? Even to exchange a few words with my family, we email each other. I find it amusing. Do they not have pen or paper where you are ’cause I haven’t heard from you in ages.

December. This is going to be another one of those crappy winters, just like the one of 2004 (and I make no reference to weather, here). Hello, depression! I welcome you back with open arms. Yesyes, I still hate myself.

Warn your warmth to turn away.