DayDecember 15, 2006

Speaker For The Dead

Ok! I realize the entry below was nothing like my usual entries and contained almost no personal information. So now I offer my apologies. Really, though … there has been too much “high-school drama” that needs not be told, and I’ve both a] isolated myself and b] gotten more socially involved simultaneously. It can be done, and I’m doing it, promise.

For one, I have not uttered too many words to too many people. The words that do come out my mouth pertain to nothing at all. They’re more like, “Ok”, “Yes”, “Sure”, and the like. For a few weeks I have refused to sign on to AIM. There is no reason to socialize. What I find ironic is that now more than ever people tell me things. I’m a “listener.” I rather like it. Possessing knowledge is a powerful tool; yet, I know not what to do with this knowledge, but to use it. I am upset that one of my friends and I are getting different sides of stories so we are not agreeing. This said friend and I have not spoken too much recently; I’m finding said friend annoying.

The last time I wrote any sort of fiction was either 8th or 9th grade. So last week, isolated and all, I was inspired to write once again. I have a feeling this piece is going to be quite long now that I’ve outlined it. So far I have three readers guiding me through it. They want to know what occurs next and this is my motivation to continually write more; I must satiate the appetite of the readers.

DSC01812_1.JPGThere were gift exchanges today. I got the cutest slippers from Anchor Blue for around the house, a Hot Topic gift card, and two anime DVDs. I had a test in AP Bio first period which went terribly. Then 2nd period I worked on an art project. In 3rd, we had a party; there was a lot of yummy food! In 4th we had a discussion on 1,000 Acres. During my TA period I just sat with the other girl and we ate chocolate. Haha, and in 6th!! – we learned about the String Theory/M Theory. My day is almost over and I’m just relaxing, trying to enjoy the beginning of my break.

I have so much homework this Winter Break; it’s terrible.


This is our Christmas tree. As always I chose the color scheme. It’s a white tree with gold and autumn colors like orange, pale green, and a bit of light pink. It’s about 6ft. tall, and I love it!! It’s the prettiest by far, but they get prettier each year. 😀

Tonight the sky is painted. Melancholy.